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Biometric attendance tablet

Biometric attendance tablet

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It is an advanced live scan technology that keeps the logged in data relatively safe, secure and readily available for your kind perusal or evaluation.

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Globus Biometric Attendance Device- What is Biometric?

Biometric device has become a very important tool for almost all the organisations. Be it a School, College, University, Corporate offices, Government offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Banks, etc. It measures, checks and mark human physiological characteristics such as palm prints, finger prints, face detection, blood pressure and many more. It is undoubtedly enhancing and improving management and security. It can also measure, veins, voice & retinas. All data & information are safe and secure in such devices and without admin approval no one can change or damage the data.

Globus Biometric Attendance Device - it is an advanced live scan technology that keeps the logged in data relatively safe, secure and readily available for your kind perusal or evaluation. As the name defines that it is useful to mark attendance, it ensures the accuracy of attendance even when the number of people is huge. Attendance System by Globus Infocom is an attendance management system based on AADHAR identification for employees of any organization. The Biometric Attendance Tablet works by authenticating employee attendance via AADHAR number dismissing any possibility of errors. A blend of advanced technology, uninterrupted performance, slim & sleek aesthetics. This Biometric Attendance tablet device provideS high speed connectivity & convenience to the users.

    Key Features are:
  • It is Aadhar enabled
  • Comes with 5 MP camera
  • Auto focus
  • Comes with Finger print scanner
  • Wifi enabled
  • Micro phone supported
  • Micro SD Card supported
  • Comes with Bluetooth access and calling feature

Globus Biometric Attendance Device can be installed with Globus Vertical Signage, Globus Information Kiosk and can be clubbed with many other hardware. Our device can also be clubbed with Globus Institute Management System, Hospital Management System, Token Management System. These days it is one of the most important tools for any organisation or for any institute to avoid any proxies & time theft specially where large amount of people are involved. This is basically used to mark in and mark out in the organisations and institutes to keep an accurate track of attendees on daily basis.

As Globus Biometric Attendance System is a finger print scanner terminal. It allows a person to put his or her finger on the scanner and then it scans and then allows to move further. However, many other attendance devices or biometric attendance devices comes with PIN number entry, Retina scanning, Palm scanning, card swipes and many more. Globus attendance device is an easy going and amiable device which a blessing for any place / organisation or any institute that involves a huge number of people. It a wall mounted device, rugged and an impressive device that removes all the haywire, one must be facing earlier in keeping all the attendance track. This attendance device can be installed in multiple locations as per the requirements of any organisation or institute. It can be installed in training centres, polytechnics, IITs, schools, colleges, universities, at the entrances, at the exits and at many more places.