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Now making a success out of every meeting is in your hands with our advanced system integration solution. With easy to use, gentle touch control panel, you can control all the variables in a conference room. Whether it is the plasma, the projector, motorized screen, map dispensing board, video conference, air conditioner, lights, blinds, or any other, conference room device, you can control them all with your fingertips. Thus ensuring a smooth meeting that is not disturbed by the nitty-gritties.

  • Mobile conference van: With a no wire application, simple and efficient capability to control the devices by a touch on the panel allows to conduct mobile conferencing without disrupting the course of the meeting.
  • It offers a hassle free, one touch operation of the functions present in the various devices.
  • It is easy to install with no need to renovate or redesign the entire conference room. All you have to do is plug and play.
  • It can upload files to the projector/monitor for viewing.
  • With the system integrator various actions to be used in various devices during the meeting can be reset for a smooth presentation.
  • It also works as a PC free slide show player.

With its long distance control the devices that are placed in the room can even be controller through a control panel placed in another room or building.