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Globus Digital Board - Full HD

Globus Digital Board - Full HD
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Globus Digital Board is a holistic classroom solution that consists of an Interactive Flat Panel Display, Digital Teaching Device, Visualizer and Sliding Whiteboard as its key components.

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Just one slide from Traditional learning to Interactive learning

At Globus we understand the need of the hour and recognize that in today’s world of technology, teaching and learning have become very challenging and demanding. These days there are too many ways of teaching and learning and we also accept that we can never replace traditional boards. Globus has transmogrified the traditional methods and come up with an advanced & immersive solution

Digital Board is a contemporary digital technology for any classroom. It is an integrated solution including Frame, Interactive Flat Panel Display, Cabinet with Computer, Multimedia Controller, Visual Presenter, Audio, Power Back Up and with preloaded teaching content (optional). This solution equips a teacher with the means of modern pedagogical methods so that he/she can convert a classroom into a blended teaching & learning environment, where she can teach traditionally with whiteboard and a marker and can also add digital features by using Interactive Flat Panel Display.

As a simple plug & play solution, it features the modern requisites of Interactive Digital Board along with the traditional usage of White board for discussions & engagement. With multi-touch support, this Digital Board allows more than one user to work together on the screen at the same time. It also features annotation which allows the user to write, erase, shape, size, choose colour, annotate, play videos & presentation etc for better engagement of the learners in the classroom. The complete Digital Board is meant to enhance the collaboration & inspiration inside the classroom for an engaging & effective session. It also puts forward web resources & tools for unlimited access to knowledge resources which evolves the curiosity level & insights of the topics in learners. Designed keeping in mind the regular challenges faced in Indian classrooms, this solution covers not only the most advanced educational resources & tools but also the safety aspect of the products in the classroom.

  • Plug & Play solution
  • White board and Interactive Flat Panel Display in one single unit
  • Smart eye protection with brightness control in IFPD
  • Built in Android and Windows operating system
  • Supports Mini PC
  • Writing with marker is possible on white board
  • IFPD comes with Infrared technology and has multi-touch function
  • Annotation on all types of documents is possible on IFPD
  • White board has slide wheels that cover IFPD when not in use
  • Saves time of a teacher & presenter
  • Eco Friendly

A sophisticated & vandal-proof design that enhances the smartness of the classroom and also keeps it safe just with one simple slide covering the whole solution.

Revolutionise the era of Digital teaching with this completely innovative and user -friendly Digital Board!!

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According to our requirements
This product has been made according to our requirements ... good job done Globus Infocom Limited
Review by Rohan Roy / (Posted on 11/19/2018)