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Globus CCTV cameras are high definition as well vandal proof cameras, providing you a low-maintenance security and surveillance system for your property.

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Everything in high resolution is better. Hence at Global, we provide high definition IP-based CCTV cameras for your security solutions. Globus CCTV cameras are high definition as well as vandal proof cameras, providing you a low-maintenance security and surveillance system for your property. IP-based CCTV cameras are one of the most-used modern technologies for security and monitoring. Unlike Analog CCTV cameras, they work with the help of internet. They receive and control the date aided by the internet. IP-based CCTV cameras can be connected to an external Network Video Recorder with the help of an Ethernet cable. Users can access the video footage remotely on their devices on a provided IP. The IP-based cameras are easy to install since they use only one cable for both internet connection and power.

Globus CCTV Camera at public place

Globus IP-based Dome Cameras records videos in high definition. Our product range boasts of different varieties of image quality, suiting your budget and need. Our range of IP-based Dome Cameras captures a wider area, making it a perfect fit for indoor purposes. The video recorded by the camera is encrypted and authenticated so as to make the transmission secure.

Characteristics of IP-based Dome Camera

  • Globus IP-based Dome cameras come in both aluminum and plastic body to provide mechanical strength. The sun-shed also provides added protection to the camera from harsh sunlight.
  • The varifocal lenses fitted in Globus IP-based Dome Cameras helps it to focus on objects more clearly and automatically. The focal length is adjustable within a range of 2.7~12 mm.
  • In the low-light conditions or dark, Globus IP-based Dome Cameras switch to the night mode. With the help of Infrared sensors, the cameras are able to see objects in dark up to a range of 30 metres.
  • With the help of auto back focus feature, our cameras can produce clear images in all scenarios.
  • The Iris Control Feature controls the light entering the camera by changing its aperture. Thus, in too bright or too low light, Globus IP-based Dome Cameras give best output.

Globus IP-based CCTV Cameras can be used in colleges, offices, schools, hospitals, railway stations, airports and other public places. They are fully HD and vandal-proof. Their sturdy body and compact size make it easy to install and maintain. They can withstand any weather conditions like rain, dust and sunlight.

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High quality video
High quality video with true colour it good camera .
Review by Harpreet / (Posted on 3/19/2019)