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Globus CCTV - GDC-IP-V-O

Globus CCTV - GDC-IP-V-O
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Globus IP Dome Camera is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor use. More than one user can access the footage remotely on their devices with the help of the internet.

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Globus CCTV cameras in hospitals

Globus IP-based cameras are one of the most popular products in terms of security and surveillance solutions. Unlike the Analog CCTV cameras, they don’t use coaxial cables to transmit data to a DVR. Instead, IP-based cameras transfer footage to a remote user with the help of internet. The data can also be transmitted to an NVR with the help of an Ethernet cable. Globus IP Dome Camera is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor use. More than one user can access the footage remotely on their devices with the help of internet.

Globus IP Dome Camera operates on HD resolution format of 1.3 megapixels. The automatic white balance, auto gain control, back focus features enable the camera get clearer and crisper images in any given lighting conditions. Globus IP cameras offer superior image quality that boosts your security and surveillance system. These CCTV cameras can cover wide areas, providing better surveillance to your property and belongings.

Globus IP-Based CCTV cameras are successfully installed at many educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities, public places like banks, police stations, offices and other places.

Major characteristics of Globus IP-Dome CCTV Camera

  • The plastic, as well as aluminum body, provides high mechanical strength to the cameras. The Globus IP Dome Cameras are vandal-proof. They can also withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, sunlight, and dust. They also come with a heater, blower and sun-shed to provide added protection to the camera.
  • Globus IP Dome Cameras are fitted with varifocal lens. For the unversed, the varifocal lenses have the variable focus of a given range. They can adjust their focal length to focus on an object automatically. This feature helps our cameras to keep a track on objects even if their distance from the camera varies.
  • The Infrared sensors in Globus IP Dome Cameras are a blessing for viewing objects in the dark. The infrared technology helps the cameras to keep a vigil on the area even in pitch dark. The IR sensors can view things within the range of 30 metres.
  • The auto back focus helps to produce a perfectly focussed image. It adjusts image quality by changing the back focal length of the camera.
  • Globus IP Dome Cameras come with Iris Control feature through which the cameras can adjust their aperture according to the lighting conditions. This helps just the right amount of light to fall on the lens and form perfect images.

The sturdy body of Globus CCTV cameras and their compact size make its installation easy and quick. The cameras are also custom-made to withstand the harsh weather conditions like dust, rain, and sunlight. With the help of in-built sun-shed, the CCTV cameras are able to block the too-bright light from the sun entering the camera, thus giving clearer images.

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v good
It is v good products it’s quality is very nice then other camera brand.
Review by Ramesh Shukla / (Posted on 3/19/2019)