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Interactive Flat Panel Display - IFPD 80 A

Interactive Flat Panel Display - IFPD 80 A
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Experience the Picture quality like never before with Globus Interactive Digital Board 80A which with it’s immense brightness delivers outstanding displays which will create an immersive user experience.

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Experience the picture quality like never before with Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display which with its immense brightness delivers outstanding displays which will create an immersive user experience. The high Brightness ranging from 400-500 nits differentiates this Interactive Flat Panel Display from the other models of this range. It adds more clarity and effect in the content displayed on the screen elevating the content quality to another level.

Teachers using Globus IFPD
  • Build to support Duo System: Built-in Android system, Mini-PC for Windows
  • Plug & Play device it is highly compatible to make user experience the touch function without the hassles of driver installation
  • Designed to function as Eco-Friendly, it has LED backlight imbibed in interactive touch screen offering a thinner panel which leads to lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, brighter display and better contrast level producing less pollution on disposal
  • Based on advanced infrared sensor technology it can support upto10 point touch to enhance the productivity
  • Easy product maintenance

The LED-backlit screen is protected by antiglare toughened glass making it highly safe for the long-rugged use.

Featuring Touch Overlay and range of collaboration-enhancing abilities, the Globus Interactive Flat Panel Displays offers a smooth and comfortable writing experience. These Interactive Digital Boards with IR enabled touch function enables up to 10 different participants to work simultaneously on the display’s screen using fingers or pen. This promotes higher efficiency and increased productivity by offering individual ideas together at one time which can be visible to everyone.

The Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display embedded interactive software solution can transform a traditional presentation into a dynamic experience. As an all-in-one touch solution, Globus’s Interactive Flat Panel Display delivers added flexibility for extensive collaboration before, during and after sessions or classes without requiring the use of separate dedicated PCs or additional devices. The interactive software enables users to independently control, annotate, write, erase, draw, choose shapes & sizes, display and shuffle between multiple screens and various text, image, audio and video content files. This interactive Flat Panel Display is equally compatible with Android & Windows platforms. It allows the users to work on the office software for their presentation & content requirements along with the android platform for Video, presentations, external content sharing & other android based features. It allows users to update, save, capture, print and share files & session recording for later viewing purpose. With all these features Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display enhances the overall knowledge-sharing process through deeper engagement and all-inclusive file management.

It also offers superior connectivity to support a range of signal input sources, including HDMI, VGA, LAN and USB ports, which are compatible with nearly all external devices. The Globus Infocom Interactive Flat Panel Display with a professional-grade seamless design ensures, user familiarity and easy technology adoption adding refinement & technological edge to the professional & educational environments.

Additionally, the Interactive Flat Panel Display showcases simplified hotkeys on the front and side of the screen. They allow users to easily locate and select frequently-used functions. With the Interactive Flat Panel Display, business professionals and educators can utilize the functionality essential for effective collaboration and productivity.

Interactive Board
Globus Smartboard in classroom
Globus IFPD for higher education

Interactive Flat Panel Display for Classrooms
Interactive Flat Panel Display for Classrooms
Interactive Flat Panel Display for Classrooms

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Bahut khoob
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