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English as a second language

Words Worth English Lab is designed to develop English language proficiency among the ESL learners of English as a second language.

Who can use

K-12, Undergraduates, Graduates, Career planners, Professionals, Executives and Specialists besides corporate and government organisations.

How it works

Words Worth is a unique English learning programme that prepares the participant to communicate in English with clarity and confidence. It offers the best in terms of continuous evaluation, content, teaching expertise and methodology. The methodology is a blend of Instructor Led Training (ILT) with a Computer Based Training (CBT), practice and evaluation. The sessions are designed so that the course follows a parallel-structure in which concepts are introduced in the ILT session, and reinforced with practice and an innovative approach to learning in the CBT session.

Key areas covered

Correct pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds with correct stress patterns of syllables; imparted through use of phonetics

Audio/Visual applications and simulated interactions to improve fluency

Natural, everyday scenarios used to inculcate functional grammar skills

Vocabulary in increasing complexity, by way of semantic grouping and highly contextualized usage

Listening skills
Content rich audio/visual exercises along with classroom activities, gradually taking listening skills from simple to complex levels

Polishing English by mastering variations in volume, pitch, speed, pause and stress

Tackling Indianism/ MTI
A focused effort to overcome pronunciation differences caused by the 'Mother Tongue Influence' (MTI)

Pace of speech
Cultivation of speech that is slow enough to be clearly understood and fast enough to be interesting

Understanding the native speaker
Training learners to be able to comprehend the Native Speaker

A benchmark model for the assessment of speaking and listening skills to teach, enhance and evaluate the learner's proficiency in English


No extra hardware required. We use the institution’s existing computer laboratory PC's and classroom resources to create the International class English Language lab. Each implementation is meticulously executed providing the institution with product know-how and Training of Trainers followed by proactive support.



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