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Maintaining a rapid 'demand and supply' chain process

Globus's Strength and Leadership position in Hi Tech and Technology Products & Services Offerings comes from its credibility and proven track record of working with customers who are Industry Leaders.

We have the ability of participation across product development life cycle with our unique, flexible and risk sharing engagement model. GLOBUS partnership across the Hi Tech Industry - Software and OEM Vendors help our customer provide a composite ownership for their products and solutions. GLOBUS is the leading Design & Manufacturing Engineering Products & Services company with clear leadership in Concept to Manufacturing, C2M - where we focus on Industry Leading Value Engineering Offerings, Manufacturing, BOM Optimization, Re-design, Testing and Industry Compliances (ISO, CE markings ) etc.

GLOBUS has its manufacturing facility at Dehradun, UT. This is the state-of-the-art, high-tech facility for manufacturing Interactive products, presentation products like DLP projectors, visualizers etc In addition our new innovative creation, Magic studio is also being manufactured at our factory. This manufacturing unit consists of sophisticated facilities with PCB Tester, gearing up for High Efficiency Module Conveyor, and all modern machines for High Speed, High Volume & Very High Quality Production.

We firmly believe that continuous innovation is the key to making path-breaking improvements in our products & processes and achieve productivity goals beyond imagination. GLOBUS uses many tools for innovation. Our commitment to grow through continuous innovation has helped us improve our productivity in the past years.