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Vertical Signage Display - GIL 55VSDW

Vertical Signage Display - GIL 55VSDW
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Globus Vertical signage has been designed to provide a comprehensive solution to all kind of promotional & information display requirements.

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Globus Vertical signage has been designed to provide a comprehensive solution to all kind of promotional & information display requirements. Built with indigenous design, slim & sleek structure yet sturdy body, these Vertical Signages are elegant and durable for industry use.

We understand the growing demand & use of advanced technologies in different industries thus we have integrated the best of the technologies in our products resulting in the best of the display quality along with maximum visitor attention & engagement.

Digital Displays capture way more attention than any static display option. Not only they garner the most attention, but they also retain more recall rates in the mind of visitors. Globus Vertical Signage’s Full HD, LED screen is integrated with IR technology giving smooth user interaction along with high-quality visuals which results in effective user communication. The visitor invests more time in browsing about the product information & offers. It also has the best in class inbuilt audio system which erases the requirement of external audio connection.

In these times, marketing is all about visual communication. Our Vertical Signages create an immersive customer experience with the opportunities for cross-selling & impulsive selling. The mix of images, graphics, videos & messages strongly influences the shopping decisions of buyers, thus putting together creative contents & offers on Vertical signages enhances the visitor footfall & revenue.

Globus Vertical Signages come with advanced signage software which is a platform to create & manage digital & modern content. Being a user-friendly, interactive and engaging source, it allows us to create, manage and schedule different dynamic content. You can easily make changes to the content from anywhere & remotely send it to different screens. One can easily create designs from scratch or add any media in any format in the system. Systematic product mapping allows the users to streamline your stock of products on the screen. With flexible architecture, you can customize your software as desired. At museums or malls, this software enabled signage helps in guiding the venue route with simple & clear navigation. The QR based wayfinding feature enables the visitor to have the complete map of the building just by scanning the QR code on his mobile phone.

One of the best tools to convey information & help visitors, Globus Digital signages are a comprehensive solution for modern-day promotional needs.

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Amazing product
Amazing product, I am very satisfied for the service, will order one more again soon
Review by Partha Nath / (Posted on 2/8/2019)