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Video Conferencing Camera - GLC 1010 U2S

Video Conferencing Camera - GLC 1010 U2S
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Globus Video Conferencing Camera is a useful solution for conducting video conference, meeting and even online classrooms smoothly.

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Globus Video Conferencing Cameras which are multi-directional in utility and cost-effective are useful in many universities and schools for virtual classroom setups. It is also used by organizations to conduct business meetings, conferences, etc when the important members are demographically isolated. With the help of its high-resolution picture quality, powerful optical zoom, PTZ mechanism, it makes video conferencing a life-like and rich experience.

Premium camera quality

Globus Video Conferencing Cameras come with a resolution of full HD 5MP and tremendous picture quality. It is fitted with a CMOS sensor which is best in the market in terms of picture quality as well as cost-effectiveness. Enjoy bright, vibrant and vivid video quality during your conference or meeting.

With Plug & Play feature, Globus Video Conferencing Cameras are easy to set up

Globus Video Conference Cameras allow you to start using it without installing a setup. All you need to do is just plug the camera to your laptop, PC or an IFPD with the help of a USB cable. It comes with a wireless mic-cum-speaker for audio input/output. It doesn’t require much cable work and the installation is totally hassle-free.

Auto-focus for better picture quality

Even if the object is in motion, Globus Video Conferencing Cameras with automatic focus feature produces clear images. This feature comes in handy when a teacher is streaming a lecture over the Video Conferencing Camera while he’s writing on a whiteboard. With the functional hand-held remote, the trainer can also manage the PTZ controls while conducting the session. A presenter can also use this feature to control the camera functions during a conference.

10x Optical Zoom for clearer pictures even from a distance

This feature is highly beneficial for holding an online classroom/meeting in a large room. The teacher or the presenter can move freely towards or away from the camera and even work on the whiteboard. The optical zoom feature of Globus Video Conferencing Camera focuses on the subject even if it’s standing at a distance. It delivers outstanding details in pictures while the wireless mic-cum-speaker maintains smooth audio output/input.

Multiple mounting options

It’s even easier to set up a Globus Video Conferencing Camera in a classroom/meeting room. It can be mounted on the display or simply be kept on the conference table. This way, you can utilize your space whichever way you want without worry about cable work.

Other features that make Globus Video Conferencing Cameras the best in class are automatic PTZ controls, automatic white balance, digital noise reduction, IR remote control for PTZ functions and 128 preset PTZ functions.

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Thanks for your video conferencing advice
Thanks for your expert video conferencing advice.
Review by Jasvinder singh / (Posted on 2/4/2019)