40Ch 4K Network Video Recorder - GNRA-P340H2

40Ch 4K Network Video Recorder - GNRA-P340H2

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Globus Infocom provides a flexible portfolio of Network Video Recorders that exude myriad of features to back your network camera for scalable and wide-ranging applications.

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Globus Network Video Recorders are available with best-in-class features, high reliability, and cost efficiency like never before. We have a full range of purpose-built NVRs that manage to provide holistic surveillance to your property, people or premises. The flexibility of our NVRs provides capabilities of both surveillance and analytics in a single device.

Packed with myriad of features, Globus’ range of NVRs are high performing, reliable devices engineered for performing even under challenging conditions. In addition to high resolution video recording in 4K resolution, our Network Video Recorders are capable of transmitting video footages while recording Triple Stream in varying resolutions, frame rates and quality. Also, they offer alarm notifications in case of events like object removal, human detection, loitering, perimeter intrusion, etc.

All these flexible and reliable NVRs serve as an ideal companion for your Network Cameras in mission-critical environments that require fail-proof, persistent and preventive security & surveillance.

Highlighting Features of Globus Network Video Recorders

  • Our range of NVRs offer RAID and ANR support to maintain 24x7 surveillance even in case of power and network outage.
  • It packs cutting-edge AI-Powered VCA to deliver efficient, streamlined and hassle-free video assessments. In case of events, it triggers alarms and notifications to provide a hawk-eye vigil to your property and premises.
  • In case of network loss between an NVR and a camera, our cameras continue recording the video footage in an SD card and retrieves the missing recording as the network/power resumes.
  • Our NVRs operate on LINUX minimizing the chances of cyberattacks. It also does not require any updates or patches and works on minimal configuration out of the box.

Application Areas

  • Security Organizations
  • Government Offices
  • Railway Stations
  • Airports
  • Crowded Places