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AI enabled Enterprise GVMS

AI enabled Enterprise GVMS

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Globus AI-enabled Enterprise GVMS is limitlessly scalable Video Management Software that combines comprehensive support for Multiple IP devices and a streamlined user interface. 

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With the ongoing pandemic, vigilance and surveillance is becoming the new normal. As economic activities are geared up to start again, it has become the need of the hour to devise smart and technology-driven plans to prevent any further outbreak. Globus Infocom, after establishing a name for itself in Education, Digital Signage and Security & Surveillance, has forayed into Healthcare and Wellness to craft an efficient and professional range of solutions to prevent the spread of any infectious disease and evidence management of suspected cases.

Globus AI-enabled Enterprise GVMS is limitlessly scalable Video Management Software that combines comprehensive support for Multiple IP devices and a streamlined user interface. Globus offers unique value through features like smart forensic search in recorded video, Time Compressor visual scene synopsis, and customizable video analytics powered by artificial intelligence

AI-enabled Enterprise GVMS is a powerful IP video management system designed for large scale, mission-critical enterprise applications, supporting unlimited cameras, servers, users and video analytics (based on license).

AI-enabled Enterprise GVMS is unique in itself; with advanced Client - Server Architecture and integrated GVMS Video Analytics. Built Incident-Event-Action framework further strengthens the whole solution with advanced Alarm Event Management over multiple devices other than cameras

It is suitable for medium to large installations demanding Video surveillance over multiple locations. Multi Server Failover Architecture can expand from medium installation in more than one system to large installations in multiple recording servers and Management server.

Key Features of AI-enabled Enterprise GVMS

  • No Face Mask Detection belongs to Globus Intelligent Pandemic Crisis Management to fight Against the Pandemic, by Preventing the Human-to-Human Transmission of this deadly Virus.
  • Detects for Face Mask upon the detected face of person and generates an alert along with a snapshot, if No Face Mask is detected.
  • Learning based PPE Detection Analytics detects & checks if a Healthcare Professional is wearing the Personal Protective Equipment’s like Face Shield, Goggles, Face Masks, Gloves, Coverall/Gowns, etc.
  • Option to define a user configurable Safe Distance Threshold Limit to ensure ‘Social Distancing’.
  • Built in Video Analytics: Perimeter Trip wire, Missing object, Abandoned object, Object tracking, Camera tampering, Object counting, Intrusion, Stopped vehicle, Wrong way direction, No helmet detection, Triple riding fire detection, Image enhancement etc.
  • Live View, Recording, Video Analytics, and Playback simultaneously and Supports two-way audio for selected Camera.
  • Default, Custom live view screen configuration. Simple drag-drop of cameras. Digital zoom in Live View.
  • Support for Local and Remote live view access via Desktop client, Web and Mobile (Android, iOS) phones.
  • Support latest Video Compression H.265 and more H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 @ 1-30/60fps etc.
  • Support PTZ Control: Move Camera using Pan, Tilt, Zoom. Fetch and set Presets Tour and other PTZ Camera functions.

Area of Application

AI-enabled Enterprise GVMS can be clubbed with surveillance devices to maintain a smart and analytical vigil at places that are usually crowded. It can be deployed at airports, railway stations, public transports, metro stations, hotels, restaurants, streets, etc.