With the advent and advancement of technology in education, the inclusion of solutions like Smart Board, Tablet-Based Learning Solutions, Digital Language Lab, etc. in classroom is becoming increasingly popular. Among them, tablet devices or tablet-based learning solutions are gradually making inroads in educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities and even training institutes. This process has effectively revolutionized the way of instructional practice and in turn, brought about complete transformation of education.


For Education Technology, Tablet-Based Learning Solutions (Educational Tablets) are a convenient and cost-effective way to provide quality education to students. It enriches instructional practices using an intuitive touch screen, multimedia-rich learning resources and simple controls.

Benefits of Tablet-Based Learning Solutions in Classroom

There are umpteen benefits of tablet-based solutions in classrooms, which are summed up in this article ‘10 Benefits of Tablet-Based Solutions in Classroom’.

Gamified Learning

It has been observed and studied by many educators that student tend to engage and retain information better when learning is gamified. Gamification of learning typically includes using quizzes, polls, interactive exercises, and simulations to explain concepts. It is an educational approach to make students more familiar with complex topics by introducing game elements in learning environment. Tablets facilitate the optimum learning environment in terms of gamification by giving an opportunity to educators to encourage students to learn via games, quizzes, etc.

Multimedia-Rich Content Keeps Students Hooked

Globus Tablet-Based Learning Solution includes an Interactive Software that boasts of a multimedia-rich repository of educational content for students. The content consists of audio-visual based learning resources with videos, simulations, graphical guides, etc. to simplify complex concepts into a more comprehensible and understandable manner. This way, students become an active member of the learning process that is going on in the classroom.

User-Friendly Solution

Tablet-Based Learning Solutions are more intuitive and easier to use as compared to laptop and computers. Globus Learn on Tab (Educational Tablets) focusses on providing an instinctive, helping students to adapt easily to technology in education while delivering positive gains in terms of cognitive development, academic performance and conceptual knowledge of subjects. The interface of Globus Tablet-Based Learning Solutions is user-friendly and suggestive enough so that students and teachers with minimal technical expertise can use them efficiently.


Track Students’ Progress Easily

Losing papers and data does not hold valid for tablet learning solutions (educational tablets) since they provide an easy, intuitive, and quick mechanism to track and generate students’ progress reports. When connected to a network, tablets sync progress reports on a central server where data is securely stored for teachers’ and parents’ reference. Also, generation of reports in graphical formats result in better evaluation and increases parental involvement in a child’s learning trajectory.  

Instant Access to Knowledge

Instructors and students can get access to engaging learning material in real-time with just a couple of taps. Tablet-Based Learning Solutions (Educational Tablets) give students instant access to a tremendous knowledge-based for individual and self-paced learning. Learners can navigate easily from subject to subject and topic to topic, availing complete freedom in learning.

More Personalized Approach to Learning

Not all learners are same. Some are slow learner while others sprint quickly from topic to topic. With the help of Tablet Learning Solutions, teachers get freedom to address several learning styles and paces simultaneously. Aided by the vast-ranging arsenal of learning resources, they can deliver the same course in different paces and manner to every student.


Educational Tablets are More Cost-Effective Than Textbooks

This is one of the major benefits that Tablet Learning has over textbook learning. Tablet is, indeed, a smart investment. It is a full scalable and lightweight device that combines thousands of textbooks and learning resources in a single entity. Additionally, tablets can be easily and cost-effectively updated in case of new versions of e-books or course. On the other hand, purchasing new textbooks in case of a course-update costs heavily for students or educational organizations.

Students Get Familiar with Technology Right from Early Phase

Undeniably, computers and technology rule the world. Students ultimately would have to face technology when they step out to make a living for themselves. Therefore, it is wise to get children acclimatize with technology right from their early age. Also, incorporation of educational tablets in learning also empowers teachers technologically and boosts their confidence to work conveniently on modern technology.

Assessments Made Fun

Assessments are no longer a dreary process with Tablet Learning Solutions. Teachers can explore unique approaches to reinvent the assessments to make them more engaging and fun-based. With the help of intuitive educational tablets, teachers can reinvent gamification to make students grasp complex concepts easily. It also makes assessments easier for teachers since they can spend more time on real evaluation instead of tedious report generation and grading process. Therefore, they get more time for teaching while the data management tasks are handled by our tablet-based learning solutions.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Using educational tablets in place of physical textbooks not only reduces burden from students’ shoulders, but also reduce the carbon footprint of your organization. Every year, students have to discard a lot of books when they proceed to the next standard. This isn’t the case with tablets since the educational content can be updated without having to discard the entire device. This reduces dependence of educational organizations on consumables like chalk, pen, paper, etc.