Digital Podium or Lectern is a part of Globus education technology products. They are a premium, aesthetically-pleasing digital tool for a modern classroom. Globus Digital Lecterns are equipped with digital features like an adjustable screen, gooseneck (or lapel, headband, cordless) mic, wireless mouse and keyboard, and an audio system. These features of a digital lectern enable a presenter to face the audience and disseminate information in an interactive manner.

digital podium

Owing to its feature-rich attributes, Digital Podiums find applications in classrooms, lecture rooms, seminar halls, conference rooms, etc to facilitate a smooth communication of information. 

Talking about the aesthetics, Globus Digital Podium is made up of CRCA steel sheet which is visually pleasing and adds to the durability of the product. The front acrylic sheet of the contemporary product can be customized as per the users’ requirement. The overall appearance of the smart lectern imparts a premium touch to a modern classroom or seminar hall. Apart from the premium touch, the build quality of Globus Digital Smart Podiums is durable and fit for regular classroom usage.

In the next section, we will discuss how a digital podium helps make a presentation, lecture or a class collaborative and interactive.

Important Features of a Digital Podium

  • Everything in a digital podium, right from the display to visualizer, is user-friendly. The in-built Windows platform is as easy as using a personal computer.
  • Talking about its physical body, it is a made up of CRCA steel sheet which is polymer powder coated. The wires and ports are internal to avoid any mechanical wear and tear. Cooling fans are attached on the side panel to avoid overheating of the equipment.
  • When not in use, digital podiums can be secured using the in-built lock systems. It also comes with RFID and password protection for enhanced security.
  • The interactive screen is protected by toughened glass which is vandal and scratch proof.
  • The touch monitor is highly sensitive and is stable to avoid any kind of shaking while writing on it.
  • The interactive screen on the digital podium is adjustable with the help of a button. The viewing angle can be changed as per the presenter’s height.
  • You can save and record the lectures with the help of a digital lectern (Podium). Everything including the presenter’s voice can be recorded with just a single click.
  • There’s no need to fit an external sound device. Globus digital lectern comes with powerful speakers for the best sound experience.
  • The podium also comes with wireless features to connect your laptop or smartphone to access information without having to use any cable.
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