Smart Podiums are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms and lecture rooms. Among all the Smart Classroom Solutions, Smart Podiums and Digital Podiums have become favourite and rightly so. It turns the monotony of classroom sessions and lectures into an interactive fun-based experience with two-way participation of both teacher and students.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Smart Podiums are a multi-faceted tool that enliven any classroom room or conference room environment in a jiffy. In this blog, we have tried to jot down the advantages offered by Smart Podiums for any educational institute, be it for a classroom or a lecture room application.

Smart Podiums in Classrooms – Benefits

Here are some of the unmatched benefits offered by Globus Smart Podiums for classrooms.

Seamless Classroom Experience with User-Friendly Interface

For the starters, a Smart Podium is a digitally-equipped podium with components like a touch-enabled Interactive Panel, Mini PC, Visualizer, Keyboard & Mouse along with a Multimedia Controller to serve as a unified solution for a seamless classroom session or presentation. Along with its audio-visual capabilities, it elevates classroom experience for both teacher and students. Another benefit that Smart Podium comes with is its ease of use and utility. Teacher, when teaching on a Smart Podium can easily juggle between multiple applications, content and files via its touch-enabled Interactive Panel. This seamless operation is lacking in case of traditional podiums.

Interactive Classroom Sessions with Audio-Visual Output

With the help of Smart Podiums, one can transform a simple classroom session into a fun-based activity that involves participations from each and every student. Aided by its audio and visual feature, a teacher (or presenter) can reach more students effectively. With its Interactive Panel that can be easily interoperated with an Interactive Display, more graphics and visual imagery can be infused into learning for more in-depth approach.

Two-Way Communication & In-Built Sound System

With the help of Smart Podium, a teacher can address and interact with any number of people with the help of its set of microphones that include gooseneck microphone, handheld microphone, lapel microphone, etc. In case of traditional podiums or lack of thereof, it becomes difficult to deliver a lecture with audio clarity. Smart Podiums come with a powerful sound system along with an amplifier to sound up any classroom or lecture room session.

Premium Design and Rugged Form Factor

Globus Smart Podium is made up of superior quality Polycarbonate body along with caster wheels to make it movable. The podium is equipped with a sliding shutter that also doubles up as a space to keep laptop and documents. The sliding shutter mechanism can be locked with a single key locking mechanism. Its rugged form factor protects it from vandalism when it is not in use.

Globus Smart Podiums have successfully transformed many classrooms, lecture rooms, seminar halls, auditoriums, etc. in some of the eminent educational establishment across India. It is one of the pioneer device can be clubbed with any of our contemporary Smart Classroom Solutions including Digital Board, Learn on Tab, Digital Language Lab, Video Conferencing Solution, etc.

Some of the highlighting features of Globus Smart Podium are:

  • PCAP and Electromagnetic touch technology to double the benefits of touch screen with both finger and stylus touch input.
  • Super precise pen tip of 2mm diameter for life-like writing experience.
  • Inbuilt Sound System along with a powerful amplifier.
  • Gooseneck microphone with a dedicated ON/OFF switch and an LED indicator. There is a dedicated Phantom Power to power up the gooseneck microphone without requiring additional batteries.
  • Single key locking mechanism for the sliding shutter and the rack.
  • Versatile connectivity with Multimedia Controller. Users can easily connect their laptops, smartphones to the Smart Podium.

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