Digital Language Lab Solution

Digital Language Lab Solution
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Globus Digital Language Lab Solution is a turnkey, tailor-made solution which aims at increasing students’ command and proficiency over a language.

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The 21st century has been termed as the digital era hence at Globus we make sure that we provide everything that makes learning digitally rich. One of such education solutions is Globus Language Lab Solution . Globus Digital Language Lab Solution is a turnkey, tailor-made solution which aims at increasing students’ command and proficiency over a language. It is a futuristic, comprehensive and innovative solution to transform your empty space into a holistic Language Lab. It incorporates a powerful hardware along with an interactive software program to facilitate better traction over a language. This unified solution gives your entire space a modern facelift with its contemporary design and premium built quality. With its Plug & Play technology, teachers can operate this solution with utmost ease. This single all-inclusive solution makes learning a language more technologically empowered and efficient. Globus provides result-oriented Language Lab content for English, Sanskrit and Hindi, depending entirely upon the user’s requirement.

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Learning Oriented, High Yielding Language Lab Software

Globus Digital Language Lab also provides Language Lab software to build students’ vocabulary and fluency in a language. With the digitalized content which is tailor-made according to the needs of the customers, the teachers can deliver high-quality lessons to their students which are easy to understand. With the help of tools like computers and internet, students can grasp a language easily through a number of interactive exercises. Globus Digital Language Lab Solution delivers a revolutionary way to acquire proficiency over a language.

To increase interaction between the trainer and pupils, Globus Language Lab Software comes with advanced features like calling, online supervision of students’ performance, parents login, two way intercom communication, etc.

With the in-built facility to conduct assessments and examinations, the trainers can keep an eye on students’ grasp over a language. They can also assign pre-recorded lessons to the pupils for future dates.

The Language Lab Software can be configured to English, Hindi or Sanskrit with pre-loaded lessons and gamified exercises in literature, pronunciation, commonly used words, idioms and other figures of speech. The software also works to reduce the Mother Tongue Influence in students by introducing the lessons in neutral accents.

Globus not only provides a hardware and software solution but also transforms an empty room into a conducive learning space. We use optimum grade classroom furniture and equipments to impart a premium feel to your establishment. This digitally-equipped place can be used to provide language lessons ranging from elementary to advanced levels. The trainers or teachers can also seek help from the unlimited pool of knowledge on the internet to equip themselves with the latest information.

Talking about the components of Globus Digital Language Lab Solution , it comes with the following equipments and accessories:

    • Interactive Language Lab Software (English, Hindi & Sanskrit) 
    • Interactive Display
    • Cabinet
    • In-built Visualizer
    • Biometric Attendance Tablet
    • Digital Clock
    • Mini PC
    • UPS for power backup
    • Standard accessories
    • Student Workstations
    • Student Chairs
    • Networking and electrical fixtures
    • LED lights
    • Air conditioners

Language Lab Software: The language software offers a blended learning approach catering to the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing covering the finer nuances of language learning. The flexible nature of the language structure coupled with easy-to-grasp content & task-focussed curriculum along with a project-centric approach when executed in the all resource Digital Lab, brings out the best of the learning outcomes for the students.

Globus Digital Language Lab comes with interactive, user-friendly and elaborate software that makes language lessons more systemised, engaging, fun-based and intuitive. It offers a blended learning approach to the learners. Graded as per proficiency levels, it covers finer nuances of language such as Pronunciation, Fluency, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening Skills, Intonation, Tackling Indianism/MTI, Pace Of Speech, etc.

Interactive Display: : Globus Language Lab Solution comes with an Ultra HD Interactive Display. The slim and premium design along with its myriad of usable features adds up to the overall usability and value of the solution. The high-sensitive touch of the Interactive Display along with its in-built Interactive Suite aids instructor-led training to make language learning a two-way experience for both students and teachers. 

The in-built interactive software of the Interactive Display helps the teachers to conduct instructor-led teaching. The whiteboard comes pre-loaded with usable features like annotation, AI pen, integrated web browser, screen recording to aid learning.

Visualizer: Globus Digital Teaching System also comes with an in-built Visualizer to display documents and 3D objects on the screen in real time. It supports full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels with 30 frames per second. Its optical zoom of 12x is powerful enough to highlight even the tiniest detail of the object or document. The powerful optical zoom is backed by 8x of digital zoom. The camera head is flexible to improve the reach of the visualizer.

Cabinet: : It is a wall mounted lockable enclosure which houses the mini-PC, Visualizer, wireless keyboard and mouse along with a mini PC. Its CRCA steel body is resistant to corrosion as well as mechanical strain. It also houses a dedicated space to keep wireless keyboard and mouse along with a convenient locking mechanism. 

Biometric Attendance Device: Globus Language Lab comes with an in-built Biometric Attendance Device which helps the management keep a record of student attendance without any kind of manual work. The attendance device comes with an optical sensor to read the unique fingerprint of each student. Talking about the storage, this compact device is capable enough to hold around 1,000 fingerprints in its in-built storage. Furthermore, it can also be accessed using a unique password or EM card.

Short Throw Projector:Globus Short Throw Projector projects clear and crisp images from a short distance. It produces high resolution output of 1280x800 (WXGA) with a high contrast ratio of 22000:1. Also, Globus Short Throw Projectors are eco-friendly and power-efficient. It is also cost effective as it offers a long lamp life.

In-Built Digital Clock: The users will never lose track of time with the in-built Digital Clock that comes with Globus English Language Lab Solution . Not only time, the sleek and stylish clock displays the date and temperature as well.

Key Features of Digital Language Lab Solution

    • Front line technology resources combined smartly with language software platform
    • Globus Language Lab software provides progressive learning programs from Elementary to Advanced levels.
    • The learning interface focuses to eliminate Mother Tongue Influence (MTI/Indianism)
    • The Language Lab Solution also comes with pre-loaded features to assign homework, assess progress and even conduct online examinations.
    • Parents login mode to check reports of their ward
    • Teachers can add their own audio-visual & text lessons if required
    • Examination options to assess students’ performance
    • Report generation of activities It operates on the ASL model which is a benchmark for the assessment of speaking and listening skills.
    • Globus English Language Lab Software includes everyday situations to educate students about grammar, vocabulary and fluency.
    • Audio/Visual applications to improve vocabulary and fluency.
    • Intonation exercises to polish the language by mastering different pitches, pace and volume.
    • Number of trainee systems is customizable as per user’s requirements.
    • Transforms an empty space into a futuristic Digital Language Lab.
    • It includes gamification of learning to spark interests in students for a language.
    • Multimedia files like images and videos can be used by the teachers and students to facilitate learning.
    • Support center with proper support procedures using web-based ticketing system.
    • Automatic update feature available using Automatic Patch Servers
    • Works on both Desktop PCs and Thin Client/Zero Client, Windows as well as the Linux operating systems
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Students are excited to learn Sanskrit
It is a perfect solution for learning Sanskrit in schools. Learning via Digital Language Lab is much more effective than traditional learning method.
Review by Sanjay Bhati / (Posted on 10/16/2020)
Best for language learning
The best language learning solution in India
Review by Kanupriya Gupta / (Posted on 2/6/2020)
user-friendly solution
It is very user-friendly and definitely better than textbooks learning
Review by Priyanshu Sharma / (Posted on 2/6/2020)
Amazing product by Globus
5/5 stars for its multimedia content and usability
Review by Mrs. Shweta Sharma / (Posted on 1/17/2020)