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Document Camera | Visual Presenter - GVP 502

Document Camera | Visual Presenter - GVP 502
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Globus Visualizers are high-quality but a compact electronic device which is used to capture and display real-time images on the screen.

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Globus Visualizers are high-quality but a compact electronic device which is used to capture and display real-time objects/documents on the screen. It is usually installed in classrooms or seminars where an image has to be projected to a large audience. Globus Visualizers are also capable of creating and magnifying images of actual 3-D objects. These devices have become popular in classrooms and seminars. Teachers can use Globus Visualizers to share academic content on a large screen to their students without having to leave their place. They can also zoom in and annotate on the image without damaging the original object. Screenshots can also be taken to keep a track of the annotations and notes taken.

Globus Visualizers come with 12x optical zoom

To create realistic images of the objects or documents, Globus Visualizers offer the high-resolution camera. Also, it comes with an optical zoom of 12x to focus on even tiniest of the details on a document/object. With the digital zoom of 8x, the teachers can also zoom in on the projected real-time image.

Real-time annotation feature

Globus Visualizers provides the teachers with the ability to annotate on the real-time image of the object/document. This way, the teachers can take notes and mark important points on the image without making changes in the original document. Also, the enlarged image helps students to view things and understand them better.

Flexible arm for changing camera angles

To offer you best possible images for your document/object, Globus Visualizers provide flexible camera arm to capture pictures at different camera angles. The arm can be moved to change the distance of the camera from the document/object. The camera head also rotated to change camera angles.

Easy to use Plug & Play device

Globus Visualizers are user-friendly and easy to install. They can be connected to your Interactive Board, Digital Podium, Interactive Flat Panel or laptop/PC using USB or HDMI port. With its small form factor and suggestive front panel, the teachers can operate Globus Visualizers with the utmost ease.

Twin LED lamp and backlight for better images

The users won’t have to worry about the lighting conditions of the room. Globus Visualizers come with in-built twin LED lamp as well as a LED base light for producing perfectly balanced images. The LED lamp can also be adjusted according to the requirements.

Key Features of Globus Visualizer

  • It comes with 12x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom.
  • Twin LED lamp for better images.
  • Auto-white balance for vibrant and clear pictures
  • Auto-white balance for vibrant and clear pictures
  • Eco-friendly and power efficient.
  • Real-time annotation features to annotate on images without changing the actual document.
  • Internal memory to store pictures and documents.
  • Dedicated slot for SD card.
  • 18 shortcut keys for frequently used features like zoom in, zoom out, screenshot, focus, LED lamp, navigation arrows, flip and auto white balance.

Areas of Application

Globus Visualizers are used in conjunction with Digital Podium, Interactive Flat Panel Display, Interactive Board, Laptop and PC. They are widely used in schools, colleges, training rooms, medical colleges, offices, etc.

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Simple product
Simple and less buttons makes it very easy to use
Review by Supriya Karnakar / (Posted on 1/18/2019)