Globus CCTV - GBC-I-HD

Globus CCTV - GBC-I-HD
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Globus HD IR Bullet Cameras are compact in size yet powerful in efficiency. They are known as bullet cameras due to their size and shape.

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Globus HD IR Bullet Cameras are compact in size yet powerful in efficiency. They are known as bullet cameras due to their size. In the times when CCTV cameras have become a requisite in every business, it becomes the need of the hour to come with state of the art technology in each of our products. Keeping this in mind, Globus has a wide variety of CCTV cameras suiting everyone’s budget and requirement. The HD IR Bullet Cameras are perfect for securing public places.

Globus Bullet CCTV cameras

They are vandal and weatherproof. With the help of varifocal lenses, they can automatically focus on objects to produce clear images. Globus Full HD IR Bullet Cameras can pick up high-quality images even in very low light conditions. This technology is best for outdoor surveillance. They offer optimal performance, courtesy the IR sensors which are circling around the lens. The CMOS sensors enable the camera to produce high-quality images and don’t require bright lighting conditions. Globus Bullet Cameras are perfect for night time surveillance.

Globus Bullet CCTV cameras come with a protective hard body which is resistant to dust, wind, water and harsh sunlight. They can be easily mounted on a wall osr a ceiling. Multiple users can access the footage remotely on their device. A user ID and password authorization is required to access the video, hence making sure that your data is not breached. For further security, the video files are encrypted. With the help of privacy mapping, images are rendered unusable for the miscreants who breach the data.

Globus IR Bullet Cameras can detect motions and raise an alarm. The camera comes with in-built 64 GB storage to preserve your footage. They can also be connected to a Network Video Recorder with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Major Characteristics of Globus Full HD IR Bullet Camera

  • Globus CCTV Cameras are vandal proof. It comes with a sturdy metallic/plastic body to withstand any mechanical strain. It also safeguards the camera from weather conditions like bright sunlight, rain, snow, and dust.
  • The varifocal lenses with the range of 2.7mm~12mm help the camera to automatically focus on objects.
  • The IR Sensors with the range of 30 metres can focus on objects even in the night, thus providing a 24x7 surveillance over an area.
  • The auto back focus feature helps the camera to adjust the distance between the image sensor and lens. It helps to                                                                                                         change the back focal lengths of the lens.
  • The Iris Control feature controls the amount of light entering the camera, mimicking the human eye. This helps create neutral images that are neither too dark nor too bright.

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Good for school corridor
We are using Full HD IR bullet camera for our school corridor. It’s as per our expectation
Review by Harish Chandra / (Posted on 3/19/2019)

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