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Information Kiosk - GK-22C

Information Kiosk - GK-22C
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Globus Infocom has been into the field of manufacturing Digital signage and displays for past 18 years. We have an extensive range of display signage.

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Globus Infocom has been into the field of manufacturing Digital signage and displays for past 18 years. We have an extensive range of display signage. Information Kiosk is one of our most selling digital signage products. Our mentioned product is already bought by and well accepted by many Government organisations and institutes across India. Globus Infocom Information Kiosk is advanced in technology and available in all latest designs and models.

What do we understand with the term Information Kiosk? A kiosk is a booth or a counter. However, when we add word “information” before kiosk, it becomes a booth or a counter from where we will get some information or knowledge. In the era of digitization, digital information kiosks are so much in trend and can be seen in most of the public places, offices, schools, colleges, any educational institute, etc.

What do we understand with the term Digital or Interactive Information Kiosk? An interactive or digital information kiosk is the one where once the installation is done then no man power is required. It can relate to wifi or LAN. Information and data could be stored as well run on the screen. People can touch the screen and can help themselves.

Kiosks are serving as an important tool to display & advertise information in any form. It is a functional sleek, self-service platform with a vandal resistant tempered glass screen. An extremely rugged device, it has an inbuilt computing system with capacities touch display. It works as a value added service highlighting the USPs of any product/place/service delivering an enhanced sales ratio. Our Kiosks are a combination of ultra-modern technology, attractive looks along with optimum grade components.

Globus Digital Information Kiosk available in many models. We provide free standing as well as floor mounted with base (as per customer’s requirement). It has 1.2 mm thick CRCA Steel sheet with polymer powder coating.

CRCA Steel sheet is cold rolled close annealed.

Information Kiosk GK 22C has full HD display i.e. 1920 x 1080 resolution. It also has touch screen with IR Sensor. These day Digital kiosk are so much in demand as they offer users a real time and beyond belief experience. It is a self-service device that can be deployed anywhere easily and without any cable hassling. With such information kiosk availability in public areas and offices accessibility to information has become more convenient. Basically it bridges the gap between public and information and data.

Globus Touch screen kiosk can be deployed at Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Training centres, Universities, Organisations, offices, hospitals, museums, historical places, hotels, railway stations, metro stations, airports, amusement areas, shopping complexes, malls, grocery shops and where not.

    And can be used for & to –
  • Display information
  • Display routes
  • Mark attendance
  • Bulletin updates
  • Display results
  • Display of calendar
  • Display information of any significant day
  • Information about events
  • Doctors’ appointments
  • Taking receipts
  • Checking availability of books
  • Advertising
  • Display promotions & offers
  • Ticket printing
  • Flight, bus, Metro information
  • Hotel / Ride bookings
  • Accessibility to sites you wish to check through internet

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It’s good
I am using this product and it’s good. Guys it’s good to have one for your reception area or passageway
Review by Sikendra Quasim / (Posted on 3/8/2019)