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Interactive Board - IB 93C

Interactive Board - IB 93C
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Globus Interactive Board is equipped with advanced features like IR touch technology, digital teaching tools, productive content and user-friendly software to facilitate smooth classroom environment.

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Globus Interactive Board for teaching is equipped with advanced features like IR touch technology, digital teaching tools, productive content and user-friendly software to facilitate smooth classroom environment. It comes with a hard, scratch-resistant ceramic surface which is touch-enabled with the help of IR Technology. The surface of Globus Interactive Board is coated with anti-reflection technology that prevents glares. The ceramic surface is also known for its exceptional erasability; you can erase marker from the surface easily without damaging the touch. The IR touch technology supports multi-touch for both fingers as well as stylus, making it perfect Interactive Board for teaching.

Easy to use Plug & Play Interface

Globus Interactive Board doesn’t require a driver installation to function. You just have to install the Interactive Board in your classroom and start using it. The lower gloss reflection surface also doubles it up as a projection screen, giving you dual benefits.

Multi-touch technology

The exclusive IR technology of Globus Interactive Board allows up to 6 touch points, creating a collaborative environment in a classroom. Up to 6 users can work on our Interactive Board at the same time. The highly responsive IR touch works perfectly with fingers as well as stylus. There are annotation features like geometrical figures, write, pen types, highlighter, etc to make teaching easier.

Highly rugged, scratch resistant surface

Globus Interactive Board offers highly-rugged scratch resistance ceramic surface that withstand harsh conditions like hot weather, dust, thus making it perfect for Indian environment. Also, the tough touch surface is resistant to mild physical strain. The IR touch technology is also stronger against electrostatic and magnetic noises.

Globus Interactive Board is USB-powered

One of the USPs of Globus Interactive Board is that it is USB-powered. It doesn’t require any additional power support to function. It derives power either from mini PC or the device plugged in. Globus Interactive Board can connect with up to 30 interactive pads without cable. It is also compatible with other tools like Interactive Panel, Visualizer, etc to make learning digitally richer.

Key Features of Globus Interactive Board

    • Easy to use interface for user-friendly and hassle-free operation.
    • Globus Interactive Board is USP powered. It doesn’t need additional power input.
    • Our Interactive Board can support multiple OS like Windows, Mac and Linux as per customer’s requirements.
    • It is eco-friendly and power-efficient.
    • Owing to its rugged body and form factor, it is low maintenance and durable.
    • Entire presentation/lecture can be recorded using screen recorder feature.
    • Real-time editing can be done on images projected using a Visualizer.

Areas of Application

Globus Interactive Boards for teaching are widely used in schools, colleges, training rooms, universities, etc. 

Globus Infocom is one of the top 10 make in india brands in the field of Education Technology, Collaborative Conferencing & Professional Displays, Security & Surveillance and Healthcare & Wellness. One of the leading Ed Tech solutions manufacturers in India, Globus has had the opportunity to serve many esteemed organizations of the country including many state-run schools, colleges, universities and Tier I educational establishments. 

interactive board in digital teaching solution
Interactive Board in Teaching
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Fully satisfied with the board
One stop solution for your classroom needs
Review by Kavita Pandey / (Posted on 12/9/2020)