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Interactive Display - Impact i65-V2

Interactive Display - Impact i65-V2
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Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display is a perfect amalgamation of high picture quality, responsive touch and premium built. It comes with a super-responsive touch screen, Ultra HD resolution and inbuilt Interactive Suite.

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Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display is a perfect amalgamation of high picture quality, responsive touch and premium built. Our IFPDs come with a super-responsive touch screen with Infrared technology and Ultra HD resolution. Just like the rest of our product line-up, Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display incorporates the Plug & Play format for easier usability and simple interface to ease your classroom or meeting room sessions.

Once connected to the power source, Globus IFPD is ready to work. With its high definition display, it makes your content more vibrant and attractive. Owing to its multiple usable features, Globus IFPDs have found utility in various domains of life including schools, colleges, offices, huddle rooms, etc.

Ultra HD Vibrant Display

Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display comes with Ultra HD LED Backlit display. It works on LED-backlit technology which not only yields high image quality, but also consumes lesser power. The touch screen is backed by Infrared technology which one of the most used and reliable technologies in the present times. With 1.07 billion colours, Globus IFPD displays pictures that crisp and apprehensible. Owing to its large screen size, it displays content in the legible manner even in large room sizes.

Plug & Play Feature for Better Usability

With the Plug & Play technology, you can simply plug the IFPD to the power source and start using it. The interface is user-friendly and suggestive enough so that even a novice can operate it smoothly without any technical know-how. All the frequently-used functions are furnished in an easily-approachable manner to make your learning or meeting sessions more streamlined.

AI Pen

AI Pen or the Artificial Intelligence Pen is one of the most highlighting features of Globus Interactive Display. This feature allows you to draw any random figure on the display while the AI technology does the guesswork and produces Google-sourced images on the display. It enables you to conduct a quick Google search for an image using just your pen. 

4K Screen Recording

It is easy to conduct classes on our Interactive Display and easier to record them for future reference. With the help of 4K Screen Recording, teachers can record entire classroom session and create a reliable video repository for future evaluation. 

Wireless Content Sharing

Sharing content wirelessly is the greatest comfort and convenience an Interactive Display can offfer. Users can stream content or share a file on the display from their personal devices without connecting it physically with the Interactive Display. This helps them faciliate quick and hassle-free data transfering during a classroom session.  

Dual Pen Recognition

Globus Interactive Display is accompanied by a stylus of dual tip diameter for different writing experience with a single device. Users can enjoy lifelike writing experience on the screen with two different pen tips to write in two varied colours or thickness. 

Rugged and Durable Form Factor

Even though Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display sports a thinner panel, it’s durable and sturdy enough to withstand vandalism. The display is protected by toughened glass which is further coated with anti-glare coating. It durability factor makes it a perfect fit for classroom or meeting room environment.

In-Built Digital Whiteboard

Globus IFPD comes with in-built digital whiteboard software which also doesn’t need any driver to work. The responsive touch screen imparts a lifelike experience when you are writing on it. It supports both finger as well as stylus touch. With the help of annotation features, you can explore the digital whiteboard with multiple utilities just like a conventional physical whiteboard. You can also take screenshots or record entire lecture for future reference.

Dual OS for added usability

Even though the in-built Android platform is user-friendly, you can also customize the mini PC to Windows 10. This gives you the double benefits of Windows and Android together. The mini PC is powered by Intel Core processor.

Smart Eye Mode and Adaptive Brightness

To make our products absolutely safe in classroom environment, we have introduced the Smart Eye Mode, Child Lock and Adaptive Brightness in our IFPDs. With the help of Writing Mode, the brightness automatically dims when you’re writing on it. The anti-glare technology prevents strain on the eyes due to the bright light of the display. The adaptive brightness adjusts the brightness of the display on analysing the room’s lighting conditions.

Areas of Application

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Seminars
  • Training Rooms
  • OPS Rooms
  • Board Rooms

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I like it
Excellent IFPD in this size
Review by Shobhit Rajput / (Posted on 9/18/2020)