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Interactive Display - Impact i86-V2

Interactive Display - Impact i86-V2
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Globus Interactive Display is an advanced, next-generation touch display with utmost usability and interactivity. Our professional-grade displays deliver life-like picture quality and an immersive experience aided by its high brightness, super-responsive IR-based touch and in-built sound system.

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Globus Interactive Displays for education and business are especially designed to ease collaboration and interaction and help users create an interactive and engaging classroom/boardroom/meeting room environment.  It not only comes with a responsive Infrared-based touch with multi-touch support but also provides a seamless writing experience. The smart Eye Care technology of Globus Interactive Displays for Smart Classrooms protects your eyes from the bright light of the display while the anti-glare coating on the display reduces reflection.

Globus Interactive Displays for smart classrooms are pre-installed with a proficient interactive whiteboard application for an enhanced class participation and foster collaboration with students. In short, our Touch Displays is your ultimate interactive display solution for smart classroom to achieve a touch-enhanced, collaborative, interactive and intuitive classroom experience with smooth and fun learning.

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Easy Collaboration

It can be connected to the internet easily to explore the vast pool of knowledge on the World Wide Web, making it a perfect Interactive Display for education. This feature makes teaching and learning easier, effective and collaborative. With the help of inbuilt Interactive Whiteboard, students can engage and collaborate during a classroom session to facilitate fun-based learning environment.

Inbuilt Interactive Suite

Equipped with Interactive Classroom Suite, teachers can make annotations on the lesson material. Apart from this, the course content can be accessed from any PC or laptop using the wireless connection feature. The written text on the whiteboard is automatically converted into easily legible digital text.

AI Pen Tool

The AI Pen tool helps teachers to draw objects on the whiteboard while the AI displays the internet-sourced images on the screen related to the drawing. This feature enables users to do a quick image search on the whiteboard without having to leave the portal or access an internet browser. 

4K Screen Recording

Entire lecture or meeting session can be recorded simultaneously in spectacular 4K resolution using the 4K screen recording feature. It doesn't require any add-on or software installation to record the screen. The screen recordings are stored on the display itself to create a reliable video repository. 


Wireless Content Sharing

Users can connect their personal devices like laptops, smartphones and PC with the Interactive Display wirelessly and share content on the screen remotely. It allows users to share data on the screen without having to connect their devices physically. This feature enables presenters in a conference to share content to multiple participants simultaenously, making our displays best Interactive Displays for Business. 

Dual Pen Recognition

Globus Interactive Display comes with dual stylus of varied pen thickness to give users a life-like writing experience on the board. Our display recognizes the styluses of different pen width so that users can write on the board in different colours and font thickness simultaneously. 

Thoughtful and Tough Build Quality

The Ultra HD display of the Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display is protected by a thick toughened glass which is resistant to moderate physical strain. This protects the glass from breakage during heavy classroom use.

Inbuilt Sound System & Ergonomic Design

The powerful inbuilt sound system on the front panel sounds a small to medium-sized classroom efficiently. This eliminates the need to attach an extern sound source for daily classroom use. The ergonomic magnetic pen tray on the front panel makes sure that you don’t lose the pen while teaching. The pen attaches itself smoothly to the tray when brought closer.

Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Smart Classroom  

Globus Interactive Display comes in multiple sizes ranging from 65 inches to 98 inches suiting the requirements of every classroom.

Areas of Application for Interactive Displays

  • Conference Room
  • Board Room
  • Smart Classroom
  • Lobby Area
  • OPS Room
  • Command and Control Centre
  • Training Rooms
  • Educational Institutes

Globus Infocom is a Make in India brand with its own manufacturing capabilities setup in Noida, India. Being an industry leader in Education Technology solutions, we proudly own a wide range of best Interactive Displays for business, education and presentation purpose. Explore our comprehensive solutions basket for your educational or corporate needs. We are one of the leading Education Technology Solutions providers in India that provides some of the best Smart Classroom Solutions in budget-friendly prices. To buy Interactive Displays or to know more about Interactive Touch Screen Display, contact us here. 

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