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Learn on Tab
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Learn on Tab is a comprehensive smart learning solution to facilitate engaging and fun-based learning environment in a classroom. Aided by its Digital Content for K-12 l, our solution aims to make learning more participatory and two-way. 

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Learn on Tab is a comprehensive smart learning solution to facilitate engaging and fun-based learning environment in a classroom. Aided by its Digital Content for K-12 laced with multimedia-rich exercises and assessments, our solution aims to make learning more participatory and two-way. It enables teachers to carry out classroom sessions easily and quickly and also take online examinations to gauge students’ individual academic performance.

To help students and teachers imbibe technology into the very fabric of education, Globus Infocom, a leading technology provider in India, has designed a tablet-based learning solution, Learn on Tab. It aims at transforming classroom learning into smart learning by replacing static text books with interactive content and dynamic learning material on tablets.

By inculcating interactivity and collaboration in classroom with Learn on Tab, educational institutes can help students learn beyond the four walls of classroom and inspire them towards a life-shaping education. Learning on tablet not only enables teachers and students to immerse in academic content more deeply but also empowers them technologically, which is the need of the hour.

Components of Learn on Tab Solution

Globus Learn on Tab solution consists of the following components:

Content-Ready Tablets preloaded with learning resources for K-12 as per NCERT curriculum

Our tablets come pre-loaded with engaging, audio-visual rich learning resources in both Hindi and English to create a yielding learning environment in a classroom. Covering all the major subjects of K-12 in accordance with NCERT curriculum, our tablets serve as a one-stop solution for students’ learning requirements.

Interactive Display for teachers to collaborate with students

Globus Learn on Tab solution also includes a professional-grade Interactive Display with in-built Interactive Suite to aid instructor-led training of students. It equips teachers with myriad of digital tools to make the optimum utilization of classroom session and simplify complex learning concepts into an easy-to-understand form.

Auto-Charging Trolley with Lock Facility to store and charge multiple tablets simultaneously

Charging and storing multiple tablets is made easier with the help of the Charging Trolley that accompanies our Learn on Tab solution. This sturdy, movable and compact trolley can store multiple tablets and charge them simultaneously. It also serve as a secure storage space of tablets when they are not in use.

Screen Protector for Each Tablet

To protect the tablet from daily wear and tear of heavy usage, our solution comes with a screen protector for each tablet. It is scratch-proof and sturdy to withstand mild physical strains.

Smart Folio Case for Each Tablet

For added protection, we also provide Smart Folio Case for each tablet it shield it from mechanical wear and tear and also prevent breakage in case of accident falls. Coupled with scratch-resistant screen protector, the protective Smart Folio Case provides all-round protection to tablets.

Earphones for students to practice exercises individually  

Globus Infocom designs solutions that encourage interactive and self-paced learning. Therefore, our Learn on Tab solution also includes pair of earphones for every student to practice multimedia-rich exercise at their own pace, individually and simultaneously. This way, multiple students can enjoy audio-visual exercises at the same time without creating interference for the rest of the class.

Benefits of Learn on Tab Solution in Classroom

  • Enriched learning material for students laced with audio-visual stimulations like videos, audios, PDF, presentations, etc. in Hindi and English.
  • Instant assessment and report generation option for quick evaluation of student’s individual learning progress.
  • Teachers can assign assignments to students for revision of concepts learnt during classroom sessions.
  • Tablets are compact and light-weight and have memory enough to store large amount of data as opposed to conventional textbooks.
  • Minimum infrastructure required to set up a fully-equipped smart classroom.
  • Interactive and dynamic learning material helps students retain information better.
  • Report generation and analytics feature enables teachers to assess student’s performance and devise a further strategy to improve the same.
  • It reduces the burden of carrying heavy textbooks to classrooms.

Application Areas

Globus Learn on Tab solution can be used in educational institutes like schools for classes 1-12.



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Much needed for your smart classroom
The tablets are fast and sturdy for everyday classroom use.
Review by Milind Dave / (Posted on 10/23/2020)