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Video Conferencing Camera - GC 20 U

Video Conferencing Camera - GC 20 U
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Globus Video Conference Camera comes with features like HD recording, smooth PTZ mechanism, autofocus, etc for uninterrupted and high quality video conferencing experience.

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With the increasing globalisation, businesses and organizations are spreading their branches all across the world. This creates a need for a solution that connects the demographically isolated employees with just one touch. Globus Video Conferencing Camera is a part of one such solution. With the help of our high definition video conferencing cameras, you can connect with your business clients or colleagues from any part of the world without actually being there physically.

It also allows participants of the video conference to share content, multimedia files and record the entire conference on a USB device. Due to its high functionality and dependability, Globus Video Conferencing Cameras find utility in offices, schools, universities, police stations, huddle rooms, and hospitals.

Plug & Play mechanism makes it easy to use

To use Globus Video Conferencing Camera, all you need to do is just plug it in and start making calls. It can connect to your laptop/PC wirelessly, thus reducing cable hassles. It can be used with a Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display for a more wholesome and rich video calling experience.

Fast and accurate focus

Getting lags and out of focus pictures in a video is a major deal-breaker when you’re having a business meeting over a video call. Globus Video Conference Camera makes sure that you don’t have to deal with such situations while having a video call. It has autofocus which is fast and accurate, offering you a rich call quality without distractions.

Optimum picture clarity with powerful optical zoom

Globus Video Conferencing Cameras come with amazing optical zoom and digital zoom, giving you detailed images during the conference. Even when the subject is standing at a distance from the camera, the Globus VC camera makes sure that the required image is captured in the utmost quality. With the help of its Pan, Tilt and Zoom feature, our users get the richest video call experience than ever.

Globus Video Conferencing Camera records video in high resolution

Our contemporary video conferencing cameras record videos in HD resolution of 1920x1080p. This helps in the better conveyance of your information even if the persons involved are demographically isolated.

USB Wireless Mic-cum-Speaker

Globus Video Conferencing Camera comes with a USB-based Wireless Mic-cum-Speaker. It can be connected to the device using a USB cable. The in-built mic can capture audio input within a range of 10 metre. They have an in-built power backup which runs for several hours straight.

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New VC camera
Newly purchased … have not used much
Review by Hardik Pal / (Posted on 2/4/2019)