Join the Globus’ Network of Partners – a Community Full of Opportunities

We at Globus Infocom have always believed that a collaborative partnership opens up new avenues for both businesses in numerous ways. Thus, we continually invite industry experts with strong hold in the market to share our beliefs and help us increase our brand presence. We also believe that great partnerships arise from wins-wins; therefore, we have developed a rewarding Partner Program to create success stories together.

Shape the market with your networking and our innovative solutions through our one-of-a-kind Partner Program. Create better opportunities, build greater business, and serve your customers better leveraging our industry expertise, easy-to-use tools, exclusive benefits and impeccable service presence.

With our accolades, industry presence of 20 years and comprehensive range of technological solutions, we can guarantee you successful outcomes along with enhancement of your brand value in market. We are equipped to provide necessary resources to ensure growth to your business in addition to lucrative partner schemes that include international trips to exotic locations, marketing collaterals, incentives, technical support, campaign assets, etc.

As a market leader with country-wide reach, we can help you innovate, scale your presence and drive business growth with our history of innovation and customer satisfaction.


Meet Customer Demands

Innovative and wide range of technology-driven products and solutions for every customer requirement.

Brand Trust of 2 Decades

20 years of industry experience and brand value that has amassed over 30,000 customers.

Great Transparency

Transparency & open communication is a key to successful partnerships, therefore, we ensure greater synchronicity with our partners.

Growth Opportunities

Your success is our success. Our customizable solutions help you capture your market and increase your bottom line.

Constant Support

We provide regionally aligned support for your improved lead generation, expedited quoting and smoother customer experience.

Rewards & Schemes

Earn recurring commissions and high margin along with marketing benefits. We offer profitable business schemes and product offers.

Regular Trainings

Our regular training programs can help you gauge our offerings better and understand your customers’ requirement.

Better Customer Service

Serve your customers better and improve retention with impeccable Sales & Service support. We offer support throughout the product’s lifecyle.

International Trips

Avail international trips to exotic locations for building brand presence and bringing lucrative business.

“We believe in creating infinite possibilities together”

To extend our family of trusted channel partners further, we whole-heartedly invite you to join our company as a partner.

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