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Video Conferencing Camera GC 11 U

Video Conferencing Camera GC 11 U
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Globus Video Conferencing Camera captures images in high resolution while the PTZ mechanism focuses on the subject efficiently.

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Video conferencing is one of the most used features in business but it is also being utilised in education sector as well. Be it for conducting an online class or clenching a deal, video conferencing camera is a requisite. Globus provides a wide range of video conferencing cameras with plethora of features and budget-friendly prices. Globus provides the most easy and affordable video conferencing cameras to every meeting room, virtual classroom, seminar or office. With the power of this video conferencing camera, you can connect to teachers/trainers across the globe, employees or an expert even if they are miles apart from you. Video conferencing cameras reduce the distance between people who are demographically isolated from each other.

Globus Video Conferencing Cameras are easy to setup and maintain

Globus Video Conferencing Cameras work on a user-friendly interface. It can connect to your laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone or an Interactive Flat Panel Display easily. With its automatic tracking feature, it can also track the target even when he/she is in motion.

Provides high definition image with superior contrast and colours

With the help of its 5 MP resolution, Globus Video Conferencing Cameras are capable of capturing high definition images with amazing picture quality. The image clarity and brightness of our video conferencing camera provides you the utmost meeting/classroom experience.

Comes with 10x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom

Regardless of the distance of the subject from Globus Video Conferencing Camera, the optical zoom of the camera can capture clear and high definition picture. With the help of its 10x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, Globus VC Camera ensures that the user on the other end receives only high-resolution images.

Auto Exposure Compensation and 3D noise reduction

Auto exposure compensation lets Globus Video Conferencing Cameras alter the exposure, making the pictures darker or brighter depending upon the lighting conditions. The camera image also digitally removes noise from the image. This latest technology helps filter noise from the image even in low light conditions. This feature lets you hold a professional video conference even in low light conditions.

Ultra smooth PTZ mechanism

With the help of its ultra-smooth PTZ mechanism, Globus Video Conferencing Camera can pan, tilt and zoom to render clear images. It auto-tracks the subject and maintains the focus even in the presence of multiple objects. This feature comes in handy when the person holding the VC is moving or there are multiple people present in the conference room.

Wireless Mic-cum-Speaker For the audio input and output, Globus Video Conferencing Cameras come with USB-based Wireless Mic-cum-Speaker. It can catch clear audio inputs even from a distance of 10 metres. It comes with an in-built power back up of several hours for an uninterrupted video conferencing experience.

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Comprehensive vc service
Comprehensive video conferencing service provided by Globus Infocom
Review by Manvendra Pandey / (Posted on 2/4/2019)