80Ch 4K Network Video Recorder - GNRA-P380R8

80Ch 4K Network Video Recorder - GNRA-P380R8

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Globus Infocom provides a flexible portfolio of Network Video Recorders that exude myriad of features to back your network camera for scalable and wide-ranging applications.

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For a Surveillance Solution to perform optimally without downtime, it is important to invest in a high-quality Network Video Recorders. For the starters, a Network Video Recorder is a device that includes a computer with special video recording and Video Content Analysis software to record the video from network cameras connected on a network. NVR also involves a storage device that stores all the recorded footage for future analysis or reference.

Globus Infocom has a wide range of Network Video Recorders to support a network of cameras. Our flexible NVRs allow for expansion to create a wholesome network of IP cameras. Our Network Video Recorders are Linux based to avoid cybersecurity threats and data theft. It provides a reliable data storage mechanism in a fail-proof setup for a stable performance. Owing to its Linux interface, it doesn’t require any patches or updates and works on minimal configuration out of the box.

In case of power or network interruption, Globus Network Video Recorders provide RAID and ANR support to ensure stable and uninterrupted recording of video footages. They allow access to recorded footage from anywhere and watch the live recording even on mobile devices.  

Highlighting Features of Globus Network Video Recorders

  • Supports up to 80 Network Cameras
  • Recording in Ultra HD resolution
  • Linux-Based Network Video Recorders for data security
  • H.265+ encoding technology to deliver high quality images while utilizing lower data bandwidth and storage.
  • AI-Powered Video Content Analysis for a holistic surveillance without human intervention.
  • Supports RAID storage to prevent data loss in case hard disk failure.

Application Areas

  • Classrooms & Library
  • Government Office
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Police Stations
  • Industrial Plant
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