80Ch 4K Network Video Recorder - GNRA-P380R8

80Ch 4K Network Video Recorder - GNRA-P380R8

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  • Supports up to 80 Network Cameras simultaneously .

  • Supports 4K recording, live view, playback, and preview on all channels

  • Linux-Based Network Video Recorders for data security

  • • Supports RAID storage to prevent data loss in case hard disk failure

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Support 4K Resolution for Live View

Globus Network Video Recorders support Live View, Preview & Playback of up to 80 Network Cameras in the spectacular resolution of 4K, bringing the utmost clarity and quality to your recorded video.

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Comes with RAID Enable Technology

Utilizing RAID storage is crucial to prevent the loss of surveillance footage in the event of a storage device’s hard drive failure. With built-in RAID storage, our NVRs ensure that your video data remains preserved even in the event of a catastrophic single or double drive failure.

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In-Built AI Powered Video Analytics

The inbuilt Al-powered Video Analytics packs cutting-edge concepts and delivers more efficient, streamlined, and hassle-free video assessment. It deploys artificial intelligence to cameras by analysing video content in real-time and fetches.

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H.265+ Compression Technology

Featuring H. 265+, the optimized version of H.265 compression technology, it uses scene- adaptive encoding technology, dynamic ROI, intelligent noise reduction, flexible multi-frame reference, etc. to deliver high quality images while utilizing lower bandwidth and storage space.

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ANR Enable System

Globus Security solutions ensure high-output performance even under challenging conditions like network loss. In case the connection is lost between a network camera and a Network Video Recorder, our cameras would start continuous recording in SD card instead.

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