Think how difficult it is for us to concentrate on anything when we’re not sitting comfortably. Nearly all of us have encountered a wobbly chair, or a piece of furniture that has made us feel uncomfortable at some point in our lives. In a blink, that discomfort often turns into distraction. The same holds true for students in classroom, a place where they spend a lot of time learning. However, use of well- designed pieces of classroom furniture help student sit comfortably for long hours and concentrate on their learning process.

In this blog, we will discuss 4 must have pieces of furniture that help create a productive learning and living environment in educational institutes. It also talks about some of the best school furniture that transform a classroom into a space that inspires K-12 students to learn.

Dual Desk Seaters For Classrooms

There are various seating arrangement styles for a classroom. But an effective one suits the diverse needs of students and helps create an engaging, easy to manage classroom environment.

One of the most popular choices for creating such an arrangement for students is pairing them up. Dual Desk (2-Seater) is a functional piece of classroom furniture that works well for this type of sitting arrangement. This arrangement allows them to work independently or collaboratively in pairs and helps teachers manage the class easily. We, at Globus, meticulously craft a range of school furniture to suit this seating arrangement such as dual desk benches with shelves and backs.

Tables And Chairs For Lecture Halls

Lecture halls in universities are designed to facilitate effective teaching and learning for a substantial number of students. In this environment, the fixed, tiered seating arrangement with built-in writing surfaces guarantees that every student enjoys an unobstructed view or any presentation material or the instructor. Furthermore, the seating and lumbar support are necessary to ensure comfort for extended lectures.

In response to such demands of today's educational setup, Globus offers a comprehensive range of lecture hall furniture solutions, including top-notch lecture hall chairs with desk. The durable powder-coated metal under structure enhances the longevity but also the visual appeal of these pieces of lecture hall furniture. Investing on these furnishings also help optimize space utilization, provide enough seat, and back comfort, foster an interactive atmosphere, and elevate overall aesthetics of the lecture hall.

Computer Lab Furniture

Computer lab furniture offers dedicate spaces for students, allowing them to use computers comfortably for research, programming, online assignments, and various other academic activities. It also helps create a structured and organized learning environment so that the students focus on their task without distractions.

There are certain things that should be considered when choosing computer lab furniture. For instance, the ergonomics, and student’s comfort should be at the top priority, especially when choosing the computer lab table. Ample legroom beneath the computer lab table is an important aspect. It allows chair to fit comfortably under the table and supports posture while working on the system. Also, the table should be able to provide enough space for computers, peripherals, and workplace and keeping wires well- organised and out of the way.

Hostel Furniture

Living in a university hostel may be daunting, especially for new students who take time to adjust. However, incorporating the right hostel furniture can make the room feel more like home. Meticulously crafted by experts, the durable and comfortable wooden hostel bed by Globus can make a big difference in these living spaces. These pieces of hostel furniture are made using sturdy hardwood material and have well-constructed frame. The size and finish of these beds effortlessly align with the room’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for space saving options in the hostel room, our beds with built-in storage would be excellent choices. Apart from these hostel furniture solutions, we also provide other storage solutions, like movable wooden cabinets, to keep hostel rooms organized and clutter-free.

As you think about investing on educational furniture or replacing the existing ones, remember that you don’t have to undertake complete overhaul, all at once. Instead, began by simply focusing on these 3-4 pieces of classroom furniture options to gradually transform the educational environment. We hope this blog serves as a valuable guide in your journey to enhance your learning space with the perfect furniture solution.