Confidence is a strong parameter that enable students to achieve academic excellence. A child with confidence explores more, take risks more and henceforth learn more. Self-reliant and self-trust are keywords for success today. But most importantly what give strong space for confidence is the way we communicate.

Communication in any world is the key to maximize learning effect. In this globalised world, It has become mandatory to learn multiple languages to enhance our skills so that we will not be missed out on any arising trend and be open to accept opportunities in anyways.

Today the digitalisation in the classroom and integration of recent highly developed, futuristic,and trendy technologies in the classroom have given learners to avail technical advancement. It has helped in development of interest amongst learners to learn effectively. In this blog, we will be focusing on one of the most impressive innovations “Digital Language Lab” that will make learners more confident.

"Your success will be determined by your own confidence & fortitude: Michelle Obama"

What is Digital Language Lab?

As discussed in the above para, we understood how communication is crucial in enhancement of confidence. Establishing the base in the classrooms, Digital Language Lab provides strong learning platform for students to adopt languages effectively. Globus Digital Language Lab provide two mediums of teaching, Instructor-Led Teaching in offline mode and Web-Based Teaching for both online & offline modes, it enables students to practice & hone language skills at their own pace

Digital Language Lab Software offers engaging & interactive exercises like MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks, MTI tools, drag & drop, social & moral lessons at the end of chapters, audio recording compared to enhance pronunciation, role play, gamified quizzes, etc. ensuring quality education to improve learning outcomes.

Components of Globus Digital Language Lab

Globus  Language Lab is the most futuristic, state-of-art learning solution innovated to make language learning easy and accessible.

It incorporates an Interactive Display, Digital Language Lab Software, students’ PCs and headphones, a digital cabinet incorporating a mini-PC along with a keyboard & mouse and UPS, a multimedia controller, a visual presenter, a digital clock, and required institutional furniture delivering complete remodelling of the classroom in to a highly equipped digital lab.

Let’s us explore to 5 learning tips through Digital Language Lab that will make you more confident:

1. ILT & WBT to Practice Learning

First learning tip would be practicing the inbuilt Instructor led teaching and web-based teaching to maximize learning abilities. Both ILT and WBT can help learners to be available online as well as offline. Students can clear doubts with the help of teachers providing strong guidance in ILT-based teaching & simultaneously can practice self-paced learning through WBT.

2. Maximize the Learning Ability with Animation and multimedia

Animation is what inclines every student to develop interest in the classrooms to make sessions more engaging. Watching engaging animations make learning interesting as well as enlightening.

3. Enhance your Writing Skills

The advanced Digital Language Lab Software can enhance your writing abilities, with the available enriched modules that are prepared from basic to intermediate and advanced levels following LSRW skills. Covering four genres of creative writing; fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction, learners will be taught writing techniques to master writing skills.

4. Self-improvement with Engaging & Interactive Exercise

What you read; would you not like to be tested? That is how assessment works testing your learning knowledge and above that with the comprehensive and well-designed assessments procedure in Digital Language Lab software it delivers the insight to work on the weaker areas, so that better evaluation can be done in the most effective manner.

5. Be Future Ready

Learning in all the above four ways will open multiple doors to choosing the opportunity. Brighten up your chances of getting a good job by mastering a language. Develop professional as well as vocational skills through Calligraphy, Soft Skills, Applied Grammar, Reading Skills, and Linguistics offering learners an edge in the workplace.

Putting to an End:

It is always said and heard that confidence is the key to success, so we need to focus on developing confidence at any aspect in any fields enhancing, experimenting, exploring, and hence strengthening self for today’s world. This is why we are seeing pattern of paradigms shift in learning process engulfing digital learning solution, empowering learners with skill-based training, prioritizing conceptual clarity over rote learning and many more.

The one single motto is to make learners to be self-reliant and equipped to be face the future.