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Communication is the base for defining personality. The way we speak is the first impression for others to create views upon. Whether you are going to give a speech in the classroom in any language, whether you are going to appear before any interview panelists, whether you are participating in a debate, or whether you are giving any speech representing the nation, we need a language with better communication skills.

Globus language learning software “Bhasha Learnia” can be a great help in bringing, shaping, and molding the way you speak.

Today in this image-oriented blog, I will explain what Bhasha Learnia is and how it can make you learn languages easily in an excellent way:

1. Based on the common European framework of reference of languages (CEFR)

  • The language learning software “Bhasha Learnia” is based on a common European framework of reference of languages.
  • The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It has three main dimensions: Language activities, Domains, and Competencies.


Language Learning

2. Basic to Advanced levels of Language Learning

  • • Enhance vocab, pronunciation, fluencies, comprehension & writing skills for an effective start towards the journey of mastering language
  • • Level up with multiple interactive activities like audio shows, speaking courses, and fictional/non-fictional reading passages and improve writing skills.
  • • The advanced module focuses more on the multiple writing and oration styles making learners more proficient & also job-ready.

3. Chapters based on social & moral lessons

  • • Globus language learning software “Bhasha Learnia” includes videos, content, and audio with the help of which languages are taught easily.
  • • Each chapter/audio contains social and moral lessons at the end.
  • • While teaching linguistic skills, teachers can imbibe human values amongst their students.

social & moral lessons

Video-based Writing Lessons

4. Video-based Writing Lessons

  • • With Bhasha Learnia, learners are taught to practice the way of writing
  • • Writing practices like poems, articles, news, advertisements, resumes, informal writing, and more.
  • • Also writing practice can be understood with the help of concept-based videos.

5. Embrace cultural values with Language Learning!

  • • Globus language learning software is not just about languages, but it is more about embracing cultural values
  • • Language learning software includes multiple learning lessons of Mahabharata, Vedas, Ramayana, Ayurvedic, Ancient science, and more.
  • • Learn vocabulary, grammar, and way of writing passages followed by assessment & know about culture easily and extensively.

5.	Embrace cultural values

future with the very first step

6. Shape your future with the very first step:

  • • Train to prepare a CV/Resume to represent the best of yourself.
  • • Video-based teaching is available at advanced levels.
  • • Soft-skills module in Bhasha Learnia will make you job-ready shaping your better future while learning.

Take Aways:

Overcoming learning challenges, new and engaging ways in teaching methods envision growth by unlocking opportunities. With several platforms for language learning, Globus Bhasha Learnia unlike others offers complete solutions by providing digital language labs along with the best and expert-created language learning software (Bhasha Learnia). Engaging content, videos, excellent assessment procedures, soft skills training, instructors as well as web-based teaching, and multilingualism will offer a remarkable journey for learners to acquire a niche.

Excel to achieve more with new & best technologies!