So, you knew the meaning of BONJOUR!

But can you guess the word MERCI? Some would have and mostly wouldn’t.

Bonjour is the French word meaning “Hello” while Merci is also a French word meaning “Thank you”.

With the rising globalization, people are learning, following, and adopting new languages to open new avenues for growth. Practicing what has become common and acceptable universally.

Enhancing the arena of knowledge, fun-loving linguistic approach, acquiring multiple languages, unlocking wide range of opportunities, learners are shaping their future by learning multiple languages.

Languages that are in demand….

Out of the multiple famous or Universal languages known in the world, languages which seem to attract the demand are English, French, Spanish, and many more. Also, there are six official languages of the world’s largest organization “United Nations” even, these are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Why multilingualism matters?

English being the universally accepted languages have widely preferred than any other language. English has become one single and dominant language worldwide providing common platform for people to speak and convey their messages without any geographical, social, and cultural barriers.

Although now learning English has become a priority but today with the globalization and integration of world into one single place other languages are also being promoted.

Therefore, practice of multilingualism has been emphasized giving language lovers scope for embracing different languages

7 extraordinary benefits of learning languages

Languages can shape thought, can help in imbibing a culture, and make you multitasker.

There are numerous benefits of learning multiple languages, we will be discussing 7 most interesting and extraordinary benefits enhancing your linguistic skills.

• Improve your Communication Skills

Communication skills of learners can be enhanced while practicing different languages. Learning from the engaging language learning content from technology like Digital Language Lab will shape foundational skills of children since childhood.

• Unlocking Wide Ranging Opportunities

Multilingualism have unlocked door for wide varieties of opportunities for students to learn from world class colleges. In current scenario languages experts have been hired widely in many renowned organizations. Several Universities of India have started multiple language courses shaping the future of students.

• Developing Analytical Skills

Being multilingual help you to develop analytical skills, make you multitasker and hence and make you analytically very strong.

• Quickly get Connected to World

Knowing language of one own nation is natural but knowing language of other nation help them acquire strong affinity making them culturally embraced. Learning a second language help you to meet new people from different cultures without being hesitant.

• Boost your Confidence

When we learn a new language, we realize that we are capable of more than we ever imagined. As we set and reach goals, our confidence grows. Also, with great communication skills we remove great barrier in representing ourselves effectively.

• Incredible Learning Experience

If you know more than one language you are admired for your talent. It helps you enhance listening, writing, reading & speaking skills. Based on LSRW pattern, many expert-created digital languages content have provided basic to advanced learning modules to provide enriched learning experiences.

• Enhance Linguistic Proficiencies

Developing Phonetics, Vocabularies, Speaking skills, and Fluencies, linguistic proficiencies of learners are being enhanced. Different languages have different vocabs, phonetics, writing patterns widening the framework for learners to develop language as a skill.

How can you learn and develop language as a skill?

There are multiple language learning platform helping users to learn languages in an easiest way. Not only children but also adult can learn as many as languages they want.

Today, Leading EdTech Companies in India are transforming and bringing change in education through its innovative solutions like Digital Language Labs. Language lab integrated in the classrooms are making sessions more interactive than before allowing learners to learn and practice languages from childhood

Shaping the basic structure of languages at the early ages’ students with the help of Digital Language Lab are enhancing language skills amongst them.

Leading edtech companies like Globus Infocom Limited, Lead Schools, Orell Talk, Sanako etc. are transforming classroom with proper delivery of language session with the help of inbuilt expert created Content. Language learning apps like Duolingo, memrise, babble and many more are also providing app-based language learning.

Also, company like Globus Infocom Limited have come up with app-based language learning software inculcating languages in six different languages saving learners from running pillar to post.