How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Will Change EdTech for Good?

April 25, 2023 11:00:07 AM IST

What is an Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence commonly known as AI is the amalgamation of human intelligence in machines. It enables machines to learn and perform human-like tasks. Today the increasing trend of ChatGpt & AI smith has made everyone aware of its usage and how it is making tasks easier and faster enhancing productivity. Many higher educational institutes, colleges & schools have already initiated the integration of AI in their education for delivering better learning outcomes. This has led to a strong transformation in the education system along with creating a huge impact in other sectors.

What is an Artificial Intelligence
Will AI transform EdTech

Will AI transform EdTech?

The answer to this question will be justified only after seeing the after-effects of its implementation although it’s been initiated but many are worried to bring this into complete usage since it could result in enhancement of dependency on it and will reduce an individual brain growth.

 The innovations in education have already resulted in better consequences encouraging the student to learn more, explore more, and advance more in the required skills. The shift in the pedagogical method has allowed teachers, students, and learning institutes to move away from rote learning to imbibe the idea of education + entertainment (edutainment) improvising the engagement of the learners in a better way.
The role of artificial intelligence in education may result in new and better ways of delivering education.

Benefits of AI in Education and Learning

The use of AI has provided an extraordinary platform for students to develop personalized learning. AI-powered tools offer various chances for a tailored learning experience by analysing students' prior academic performance, identifying shortcomings, and suggesting courses best suited for progress. With AI providing one-to-one learning experiences students can explore multiple resources for one problem to develop analytical skills. AI tools help in the instant delivery of solutions and therefore enhance the student’s growth with a quicker solution to the problems they are facing in any of the subjects. AI-powered learning makes educational resources accessible for all students, anytime & anywhere. The 24 x 7 access makes it easier for learners to explore and develop quality education.

Benefits of AI in Education and Learning

Instant images, fast delivery of content, solutions to several problems, and multiple options for the same asked question will allow learners to enhance their abilities in learning broadening their arenas of studying. There have been many improvements in edtech, from online textbooks to entirely remote courses, where the leading edtech brands are developing more technology integrating the usage of AI to meet the new trends and ensure to access the benefits of AI in the classrooms. Now AI in technology has been assisting educators and students in streamlining and automating their respective responsibilities related to learning and teaching. As the AI sector grows and innovation takes center stage this will result in better learning outcomes for all students and teachers.

Does AI facilitate a teacher's education

Does AI facilitate a teacher's education?

Teachers can design the most effective learning program for each student thanks to AI & its uses in technology. Teachers and lecturers can modify their courses to meet the most frequent knowledge gaps or issue areas before a student fall too far behind by studying each student's unique needs. However, by automating manual tasks, teachers can free up more time to concentrate on teaching fundamental competencies.

Asking AI anything will develop an instant solution for your query resulting it in a platform that will not only develop student ability to adopt things better and easier but also varieties in the answer will help educators to ensure quality in the learning method. AI in education can help teachers understand which subjects and classes require revision.

Future of artificial intelligence in Education

Declining the overconfident claim of hundred percent benefits of AI in education, the future of AI may or may not be bright. As it is widely transforming different sectors of the world it only depends on positive consequences that will result in its wide acceptance. Although AI-enabled learning can enhance productivity, what matters the most is the self-development & growth of learners which must not be affected or contained by the integration of AI in education.

The need is for strong regulation and ethical integration of AI in education that would not hamper the development of students and protect them from misusing it. It, therefore, is the all-together responsibility of government, technology innovators, and ed-tech solution providers to get the effective implementation of AI to unlock the unlimited potentialities of learners.

Future of artificial intelligence in Education


Soon we will see the change The recent shift in pedagogical learning with the implementation of technology in the classrooms has surely transformed the education system in India. Various ed-tech companies in India are renovating more to inculcate this effective change of integrating AI in learning. The consequences are not yet known but the inclusion of AI should not be rushed without complete analysis and insights.

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