Every teacher in the classroom ensures to change boring monotonous classroom routines to make their classes more engaging by involving their students in learning. The recently widespread changes in the way of learning have pushed educational boundaries by revolutionizing the way teachers interact with students through educational resources.

Accelerated by shifts to digital learning models, the EdTech industry has witnessed exponential growth today. The growth of the EdTech industry is determined by gamified content, live classes, online assessments, better accessibility, and innovative methods of learning. Ensuring better technological and innovative products EdTech is focusing on better learning outcomes. There are EdTech brands in India that are creating greater accessibility and transforming extensively the classroom learning with the help of their educational solutions. Companies like ViewSonic, Softlogic, and Globus Infocom Limited can be examples of such.

A Digital board in contrast to a traditional whiteboard is a digitally equipped board with inbuilt tools to enhance academic excellence amongst students. Digital Board for teaching can be used just like we use computers, smartphones, tablets, or any such digital device. Promoting a dual mode of learning, its inclusive features ensure real accessibility to education.

How Digital Board is an alternative to whiteboard

Technology is rapidly transforming the way the education system existed. Education has come out of the traditional classroom to a more flexible and acceptable form with EdTech solution provider companies.

The transformation in our education system with the recent acceptance of technology in the classroom has made the lives of students connect more to digital classrooms. Changes in the approach to education in classrooms have led students to enjoy the class and pay more attention to sessions for accessing qualitative learning.

In comparison to a whiteboard, a Digital board ensures effective and established learning through the following means.

  • Providing accessibility to learning opportunities- With easy-to-understand concepts, the learner has developed the curiosity to learn for excellence. Through technology integration in classrooms, digital literacy can therefore be acquired.
  • Redesigned learning ecosystem- Transforming the whole class into a creative learning environment allowing students to practice digital learning in a limited space with excellent wide-ranging inbuilt tools. Visual aid learning improves interest in the studies of the students with fascinating attractive visual content.
  • Activity-based teaching & learning- Providing varied experiences amongst students with the help of the Digital Board experimental learning is encouraged. It develops analytical skills among students generating scientific temperament.
  • Create instructional materials for better guidance- The teacher as a guide provides instructions in the classroom which could help teachers as well as students to create collaborative classrooms moving in the right path. Solving complex problems in a realistic situation is how a digital board proves to be much more applicable in comparison to a whiteboard.

Offering a lot of features Digital boards are designed to increase engagement, unlike whiteboards which are only used to come up with markers and an eraser. A Digital board with a built-in online learning platform provides enriching values through shared knowledge, and tools creating new quality teamwork, and bringing value to education in the world. The acceptance of the digital board has made students future ready ensuring career growth in a more realistic way compared to the earlier education systems.

The important features of Digital Board as compared to Whiteboard are:

Featuring 4k resolution standards

Greater resolution and higher video-audio quality digital board ensure better image quality enhancing students’ focus in the classrooms. Sharp contrast allows students to the enhancement of readability.

Digitalized classroom revolutionizing classroom

Digital board for teaching has transformed education by accepting EdTech solutions. Visualization of chapters in a real manner has encouraged students’ attentiveness in classrooms. The assessment and evaluation series empowers efficient preparation making win-win situations both for teachers and students mutually.

Effective interactive teaching software

Digital Board includes live annotation and teaching software to make the topic more enthralling and interesting as the teacher gets the leverage to edit, save, erase, highlight, color, shape, print, email, record, use brushes and use subject tools, etc. providing higher flexibility in the classrooms.

Online access to files ensures better accessibility

Digital Board offers online access to files from anywhere, is convenient for all, facilitates business meetings, and focuses on distance learning. Without the pressure of noting everything down, it thus saves time and energy to focus on the task properly ensuring productivity.

 Screen mirroring shared wirelessly

The screen mirroring features included in Digital Board enhance education resources both for teachers’ and students’ data through the screen mirroring option in the digital board, which can be shared wirelessly on multiple phones, and tablets providing better connectivity.

Assessment and evaluation for self-growth

Assessment and evaluation have always been part of smart learning, evaluation gives feedback to students and provides teachers with a general idea about their students. Evaluation through report generation help students to be motivated toward learning. Removing the use of pen and paper, a digital board with its inbuilt quiz tools allows participants to submit answers through which reports are generated & can be accessed.

Wrapping up,

Every era has its own importance, and in every different era education always has been an important place.  Although with growing innovations worldwide approaches to education have improved creating an environment so that no one will be left behind. Therefore, now schools at the ground level particularly in rural areas are adopting new education resources with the efforts of the government and leading EdTech brands to enhance smart learning.

In this blog, we have tried looking into why the digital board is a powerful teaching tool for the classroom. In these times when learning from home has become the new normal, teaching are becoming more engaging, amusing, and favorable for all kinds of  working environment. Digital boards thus pave the way for modern classrooms to transform classes by digitalizing learning.