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Whether police officers should wear Body-Worn Cameras? Can Body-Worn Cameras be used as an evidence management tool?

We can answer the above questions through the below blog.

Every individual in life needs a sense of security, and the innovative solutions in recent years have extended this sense to the public, as well as police officers, who require a means to maintain law and order. The culture of innovations has helped develop meaningful solutions such as Body-Worn Cameras.

Body-worn cameras (BWCs) are relatively small devices that record interactions between people and law enforcement officers. As included with the innovative featured tools Body-worn cameras allow audio and video capture that help officers to record what they see and hear. It has the potential for video footage to assist with prosecuting crimes and promoting accountability and professionalism. A camera worn on the body for easy surveillance is mostly carried by police for security purposes. It improves the civility of police-citizen and adopting this technology has helped in improving the quality of policing in communities.

Globus Infocom has introduced collaborative solutions through Body-Worn Camera by implementing them in response to cope with security-related issues.

Body-worn cameras

Body-worn cameras

How to do Body-Worn Camera work:

With shortcut buttons like the power switch, recording button, capture button, and playback button it easily opens the camera for proper working. It supports forward and backward playback modes to provide an audio-visual record of the events. High resolution in a Body-worn Camera provides a crystal-clear view of the individual helping in the identification of the culprit as well as the victim. The recording features have also helped in the creation of fear amongst the wrongdoer reducing assault on police officers mainly.

Advantages of Body-worn Camera

• Prevent a confrontation- With Body-Worn Camera, there has been a reduction in officers’ use of force incidents. Citizens behave better due to the noticeable camera around them. Anytime one knows they are being recorded they behave better, which results in de-escalation of the situation preventing confrontation.

• Improve transparency- Body-worn Camera has helped strengthen transparency by providing a video record of police activity, this camera has made their operations more transparent to the public. Body-worn cameras help to prevent problems in the first place, improve performance, and professionalism, and allow agencies to identify and correct structural problems.

• Enhance professionalism- By identifying and correcting problems within the department, the Body-Worn Camera can serve as a useful training tool to help improve officer performance. Footages are used to evaluate the performances of officers to identify new areas in which training is needed. Hence helping in the enhancement of performances.

• Improve Evidence Documentation- Body-worn Camera provides a recording of interrogations and arrests of the culprits. Evidence collection from crime scenes can be one of the benefits included with it. Body-worn Camera helps in preserving information.

• Reduction in police use of force- With the use of Body-Worn Cameras once something is captured on video, the police can face repercussions for failing to provide a document and report it accurately. When captured on video they are more likely to report low-level incidents involving the use of videos.

Future perspectives

Body-worn cameras have been adopted rapidly in the past ten years since they became very popular, facilitating investigations of citizen complaints. Used particularly in the areas of law and order it is being implemented in the field of military combating, firefighting, and even in healthcare.

But in the near future, we need to answer some questions related to its usage and privacy. We can also work on encryption of the recorded videos and answering who will have access to those videos. How will they be used? These solutions therefore can be added to make it more useful and productive.