When it comes to purchasing a CCTV camera, there are plenty of options to choose from. Since surveillance plays a major role in today’s society, it is important to make a wise decision while purchasing a CCTV camera. Thus, it would be wise to understand what all types of CCTV cameras are available and what the different applications for each type are. Selecting the right camera for your organization can be vital for your security and surveillance arrangement.


Different Types of CCTV Cameras

At Globus, our security and surveillance range includes the following CCTV cameras:

Bullet Camera

Dome Camera

PTZ Camera

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera, as the name suggest, are long and cylindrical in shape resembling a bullet. They are the ideal CCTV cameras for outdoor use. The major USP of Bullet CCTV camera is that they can view objects even at a long distance as well. They are installed with protective metallic casing to prevent mishandling and also protect them from weather conditions like direct sunlight, rain, hail and dust. Bullet CCTV cameras can be easily mounted with a mounting bracket on the wall. They come with varifocal or fixed lenses for focussing on objects situated at different distances from the camera. Globus Bullet CCTV cameras come with IR technology to provide clear pictures even in dark. It also comes equipped with Starlight technology to render coloured images in low light conditions for better analysis.

Application Areas of Bullet CCTV Cameras

School corridors, entrance, parking, crossroads, etc.

dome cctv camera

Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV camera is known as such due to its dome-like structure. It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor security surveillance. Due to its dome shape, it becomes difficult for onlookers to figure out where the camera is focussing. It deters trespassers by creating doubts about its focus area. Also, the glass used in the outer casing is vandal-proof. It is also equipped with smart IR sensors to product clear images even in no light conditions. The Starlight technology helps create coloured images even in low light conditions for better analysis. Globus Dome CCTV camera comes with different IR ranges; 20 metres, 30 metres, and 50 metres. Our cameras use the latest video compression technology to produce high quality results without taking much of your bandwidth and storage space.

Application Areas of Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome CCTV camera can be used in schools, hospitals, classrooms, office area, etc. They are usually mounted in the corner of the room since they offer wider coverage.

PTZ Camera (Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera)

PTZ Camera or Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera, as the name suggests, is capable of panning, zooming and tilting to get clear images of objects. This type of camera functions like a live guard in outdoor conditions. A dedicated person can also control the camera manually to focus on any malicious activity in the perimeter. PTZ camera is capable enough to analyse situation at up to 300 metres to 500 metres of distance in day and 200 metres in night conditions. Hence, usually a single camera unit is sufficient to guard the property. Users can also set presets in the camera to rotate, zoom for desired time automatically. Since, PTZ cameras are mostly used outdoors, their body is made up of metal with IP67 rating to protect them from vandalism and harsh weather conditions like dust, rain, sunlight and hail.

Application Areas of PTZ Cameras

PTZ Camera can be used at boundaries, peripheries, roads junctions, roofs, and every place where 360 degree surveillance is required.

globus ptz camera

About Globus’ Range of CCTV Cameras

Globus’ wide range of CCTV cameras and accessories includes Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, PTZ Cameras along with NVRs and DVRs. Each of our cameras is equipped with smart video analytics that includes facial recognition, object removal, scene change, line crossing, loitering, etc. The state of the art Starlight technology ensures coloured and clear images even in low light condition. This technology enables the camera to decrease the shutter speed so as to capture as much light in light-deprived scenarios. With the Triple Streaming facility, live videos can be viewed from anywhere on smartphone, laptop, PC in different resolution and different frame per second.

Apart from CCTV Cameras, Globus also deals in other security and surveillance products including Body Worn Cameras and Mobile Surveillance.