Digital Language Lab is one of the widely-used digital technology educational tools in schools, colleges, universities and language training centres. In this blog, you will find the in-depth definition of a Digital Language Laboratory and important information pertaining to its uses, benefits, features and application in our lives. A Digital Language Lab is known by many names, commonly Language Laboratory, Language Center, Language Learning Solution, etc.

Definition: What is a Digital Language Lab?

A Digital Language Lab is a digitally-equipped setup that consists of hardware and interactive software to make language learning technically advanced and more effective. Usually, Language Lab components include Student Computers, Teacher Computers, Work Stations, Digital Board or Digital Teaching Solution (Smart Board), Headphones, Workstations and an Interactive Language Learning Software. A language lab includes hardware integrated with software to achieve higher levels of results in language learning.

Digital Language Lab Setup

The content provided with Digital Language Lab is multimedia-rich with proven language methodologies including Computer-Based Training and Instructor-Led Training. It also includes an array of rich study material that is made readily available to students for practice. Together with an instructor’s experience, a Digital Language Lab has been successful in imparting result-oriented language training in various educational institutes.

Globus Infocom is a Make in India brand that provides a comprehensive Digital Language Lab solution to educational institutes and training centres in India. Apart from the hardware, our company also provides interactive language software to aid language learning. We also provide civil works like installation of blinds, carpet/flooring, whitewash, gypsum work, furniture, etc to transform your empty room into a fully-functional Language Laboratory.

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Benefits and Uses of Digital Language Lab

 The sole purpose of Digital Language Lab is to involve students actively in language learning and yield positive results in the same. The language lab is multimedia-rich and advanced, and thus holds students’ attention for a longer time. Given below are some other benefits of Digital Language Lab in India.

  1. It increases engagement in students towards learning a language like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc. Apart from this, it also increases communication skills and language proficiency of students and makes them more confident to face the world.
  2. The Interactive Language Lab Software includes jaw movements, articulation and pre-recorded voices to teach pronunciation to students and eliminate Mother Tongue Influence. Mother Tongue Influence is the impact of your first language made on the second language you are trying to learn. A uniform way of learning can help eliminate MTIs while learning a language.
  3. Digital Language Lab allows students to learn at their own pace. With the added privacy, students feel confident to address their shortcomings and work towards improving their language proficiency.
  4. Teachers can give divide their attention among students equally. They can also assess the growth pattern of their students and take a call to improve the ones who are left behind.
  5. Learners can record their own voice, study their pronunciation and correct their mistakes (if any.) Teachers can monitor their sessions via teacher’s PC and even intervene when required.  
  6. Since Digital Language Lab is designed keeping the diverse requirements of students in mind, it helps them learn a second language faster and better.
  7. Conclusively, a Digital Language Lab is the best way in which modern technology can be put to use for education and learning.

Components of Digital Language Lab

A Digital Language Lab includes student computers, headphones, teacher computer, workstations, chairs, Digital Teaching System/Digital Board. Globus Infocom also provides furniture and other civil works like blinds, whitewash, air conditioners, gypsum work, carpet flooring, etc.

Digital Language Lab Hardware

Why Use Digital Language Lab?

There are several benefits that a Digital Language Lab accounts for. It creates a learning environment that is much more effective than the traditional classrooms. It allows students to explore endless avenues while learning a second language.

A Language Laboratory also initiates conducive communication between teachers and students and encourages active participation of the latter. Also, several studies have concluded that in a 45 minutes class, students spend only 2.2 per cent of time speaking the second language they are studying, whereas in case of Digital Language Laboratory, the percentage of time reaches around 25%. These figures cement the fact that for learning a language, Language Labs have an edge of traditional classroom environment.

A Language Lab also allows students to have easy access to study material. Teachers can easily develop different kinds of learning exercises and even personalize the learning process.

Last but not the least, Language Labs help students acquire ‘digital literacy’ which is the need of the hour at the time. They can get accustomed to digital technology right from a young age and hence, face lesser challenges as they are exposed to the technologies in the later stages of their life.


Uses of Digital Language Lab

Digital Language Lab can be used in educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities or any language training centre to train students in a second language like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.

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