A Digital Language Lab is a dedicate setup laced with contemporary hardware and integrated language learning software where students can access audio-visual content for learning/mastering a language (English, Hindi and Sanskrit). Globus Digital Language Lab software is designed specifically to make learning a language more impactful with the self-paced lessons and multimedia content. Lessons are delivered to the students with the help of visuals as well as audio clips through the headphones.

digital language lab for english

The integrated language lab software is enriched with computer-based exercises, activities, 3-D animated jaw movements for teaching proper articulation and pronunciation of words and letters in a language you want to learn or master. It focuses on teaching a language in the most engaging manner by utilizing the tools of multimedia content like audio books, images, interactive lessons, etc. Owing to its usability, our Digital Labs are successfully installed, functioning and yielding results in many state-run schools in India.

Digital English Language Lab Solution comprise of interactive, elaborate language software that helps students learn a language in an engaging and elaborate manner. Our language software has been designed keeping the creative requirements of students in mind. It includes several hours of learning content and audio-visual exercises to make language lessons more impactful. With the help of our integrated software, teachers can also assign test and assignments to the students which can be practised by them and evaluated by the teacher. The Integrated Software also keeps a record of each student’s progress so that the teacher or instructor can take necessary actions to help them learn better.

Ideally, a Language Lab Solution consists of a Language Lab Software, Digital Teaching System/Digital Board, Student PCs, Headphones with microphone, Teacher PC, Networking and other Accessories. A teacher or server PC is connected and networked to the multiple student PCs. Students can practice individually on their PC at their own pace while the teacher can monitor and access the progress of each student individually.


Benefits of Globus Digital Language Lab

There are umpteen benefits of installing a Digital Language Lab in an educational institute, some of which are mentioned below:

Improves communication skills of students

The major purpose of the Digital Language Lab is to enhance the communication skills of students by polishing their listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency in a language (English, Hindi and Sanskrit). Enhanced communication skills enable students to face the world confidently and achieve the career goals they aspire for.

Globus Digital Language content is devised as per CBSE curriculum

The content and exercises in the Globus language lab software is as per CBSE curriculum, so that students can learn the language in an engaging manner while preparing themselves for the annual evaluations. Teachers can combine the traditional and modern teaching method to derive holistic results.

Well-rounded practice for a mastering a language

The exercises included in the Interactive Software comprises of audio-visual content, 3-D animated jaw movements, real-life scenarios, multiple exams and assessments to make learning a language (English, Hindi and Sanskrit) more results-oriented and retained.

Exceptionally-interactive interface

The Interactive Interface of the language lab software retains students’ attention for long and makes language lessons a fun-filled activity. The students can record their voice while pronouncing different language words and later access their own performance. With the help of pictorial graphs, they can learn a language as a skill.

It follows LSRW methodology- the most effective method to learn a language

According to the studies, the LSRW (Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing) methodology is the most efficient for learning a language. Hence, the Digital Language Lab’s foundation is laid on the basis of LSRW methodology. The students first listen to a language followed by speaking, reading and ultimately writing as opposed to the conventional methods that involve writing first.

Digital Language Labs are more engaging than the conventional form of teaching

Teaching students with the help of audio-visual content and real-life based exercises yield better and long-lasting results compared to the traditional pen and paper method. It has been observed that students tend to retain the information better when they get a hands-on experience of what they are learning.

All the students can practise audio-based exercises without disturbing each other

Separate work stations are set up for each student so that they can practice the audio-visual exercises simultaneously without disturbing each other. Each student is provided with headphones with microphones to practice pronunciations. On the other hand, teachers can listen to every student’s recordings and assess their performance.

It provides flexibility and mobility with self-paced lessons

Each lessons of the Digital Language Lab are self-paced, which means that every student has the liberty to proceed with their language lessons as per their own pace. Every student can decide how much time he requires to spend on each lesson. This way he can plan his lessons accordingly and take mini-assessments when ready.

Access to rich, multimedia content

Learning is better when incorporated with multimedia-rich content. Digital Language Lab consists of stories in pictorial form, puzzles, quizzes, conversation simulators, etc to reduce the tediousness of a regular classroom. Students can have a conversation in a different language other than their mother tongue, with the help of a simulator and become better prepared to face real-life conversations in the language they are learning.


Globus provides world-class infrastructure and hardware

Globus provides world-class infrastructure for your Digital Language Lab right from the furniture, interactive software to hardware. It transforms your empty room into a full-fledged language laboratory. The furniture we provide not only provides comfort to students and teachers but also imparts a premium look to your space.

Globus Digital Language Lab: What Do We Offer?

Globus not only provides a full-fledged, functional Digital Language Lab to the educational institutes, but also transforms an unused, empty space into a technologically-advanced language learning laboratory. Apart from the teacher’s PC, students PCs, Digital Board/Digital Teaching System and Integrated Software, we provide everything ranging from furniture to blinds, air conditioners, gypsum work, vinyl/carpet flooring and whitewash.

Globus Infocom takes the entire responsibility of transforming your empty, unequipped classroom into a fully-functional  Language Lab. Our company also offers one-stop solution to your language learning requirements, which eliminates the hassles of turning from one vendor to another for procuring components. Also, we provide an excellent and timely after-sales support pan India to make sure that your language lessons are delivered unhindered throughout the year. Above all, each and every component of the Digital Language Lab are covered under single warranty which ensures the peace of mind of the customer as they don’t have to approach multiple vendors to resolve issues.

While the quality of Globus Digital Language Lab is exceptional, we also provide elaborate and frequent training & demo sessions to the customers to make them familiar with the solution and also encourage them to use the product without any apprehensions.