Globus Digital Signage Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of contemporary line-up that speaks of high resolution, dynamic display output, high brightness and contrast ratio along with an easy-to-use digital signage software. They are used to display information, promote brands or deliver engaging content at public places like railway stations, airports, shopping malls, courts, etc.

Owing to its multiple uses, digital signage has successfully trumped the paper signs or non-dynamic signboards. Digital signage can be updated with the help of remote control, while the paper signs require individual replacement and a lot of manpower to do the same. Personnel also has to travel to the site to change the advertisement or information in case of paper signs, however, such is not the case with digital signage.

what is digital signage

In short, digital signage is more eco-friendly, interactive, visually appealing and low-maintenance than the paper signboards. With the help of animation or multimedia content, digital signage draws more audience than a traditional signboard ever could. The digital content can also incorporate sound to deliver information that stays for long.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about everything you need to know about digital signage, ranging from application areas to technology.

What is Digital Signage?

Technically, digital signage is an array of connected digital screens that can display content and information in any space. Usually, the solution is scalable which means that the size of the digital display can be adjusted as per requirement. Owing to its high brightness display and high resolution, digital signage is used to convey information, display menu, advertisement and much more.

Digital signage is a centrally-controlled content distribution platform that can be used to broadcast information. In retail stores, they are used to display visually-appealing content to a specific audience to increase footfall and sales for a particular brand.

what is digital signage

Digital Signage is Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

Digital signage setup might look exuberant and luxurious upon installation, but the overall cost of operation and maintenance is low as compared to the analog signage. Some digital signage also allows touch input which enables the handler to let the users interact in real-time with the content. For example, at the online ticketing platform on railway stations and airports, the users can check the real-time status and availability of trains and flights and also book the tickets for themselves.

This is another big benefit of having a digital display for information communication. It not provides information but can also be interactive at the same time. For any update in the content of the digital signage, the owner can change it remotely using the dedicated content management software. Whereas in the case of analog the entire paper signboard has to be changed. This results in a lot of wastage and manual work. An entire team has to be deployed at the billboard site to change the content of the board.

Types of Digital Signage Technology

There are different types of products that fall under the category of Globus’ digital signage range, ranging from digital display to vertical signage.

Globus LED Wall

Globus LED Wall is the latest introduction to our wide range of digital signage technology. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and the LED walls comprise of horizontal and vertical arrays of LEDs that work together as a single unit. They comprise of the seamless LED cabinets that combine together to create a single big bezel-less display. The component LEDs can be tiled together to create a scalable and large display that is otherwise not possible with other display technologies.

In contrast to the traditional display technology, LED walls project uniform brightness throughout the screen regardless of the viewing angles. They also have high brightness to function properly under any ambient condition. They handle bright environment better than the simple LCD displays.

Since LED walls comprise of component LEDs, they consume lesser energy as compared to the traditional LCD displays. Also, their operational life is greater than the conventional displays. Owing to its high refresh rates, it is the most efficient and powerful display technology in the market right now. Higher refresh rates mean that the display will create smoother pictures.

LEDs do not generate heat during its operations which rules out the need of a cooling fan. This ensures a noise-free operation of the entire display which is a unique feature of Globus LED wall.

 USPs of Globus LED Wall

  • Comes with multiple mounting options including wall mount, stack and ceiling mount.
  • It consumes lesser power as compared to the LCD display.
  • Have longer operational life
  • Front and rear maintenance mechanism
  • Bezel-less design for immersive viewing experience.
  • Fan-less design for noise-free operation

Application Areas

Auditoriums, conference rooms, police control center, broadcast, public information, process automation centres, shopping malls, complexes, etc.

Globus Digital Display

Globus Digital Display is high-resolution screens with LED-backlit technology. With its high contrast ratio, it enhances the aesthetics of place while passing on the information in an engaging manner. The aspect ratio of 16:9 offers optimum picture and video size. The high brightness of the display makes it suitable for any ambient condition including brightly-lit corridors. The thinner bezel size of the Globus Digital Display is one of the USPs of this futuristic product.

digital display uses

USPs of Globus Digital Display

  • Sleek design and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Easy to use Plug & Play interface.
  • It is power-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Can be used in dual modes: Landscape Mode and Portrait Mode

Application Areas

Schools, colleges, corridors, airports, hotel lobbies, subways, metro stations, police stations, post offices, etc.

Globus Vertical Signage

Globus Vertical Signage conveys information effectively without taking up much space in the room. In fact, it beautifies the space with its sleek, premium body. Not only visually appealing, but Globus Vertical Signage is built of the durable metal base along with the aluminum alloy frame. Paired with the Globus Vertical Signage software, it makes for a perfect solution to beautify a place as well as convey information in large spaces and rooms.

Globus Vertical Signage

With the help of its Infrared Technology, the digital signage can also be made interactive to let the users look for the information and explore the self-help options like ticket booking, token generation, place an order, etc.

USPs of Globus Vertical Signage

  • Sleek body, durable and air-cooled design.
  • Schedule on/off option
  • Full HD display with toughened glass protection.
  • Inbuilt voltage protection system
  • High brightness
  • Easy to use content management software

Application Areas

Lobby areas of hotels, hospitals, schools, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, etc.

Globus Information Kiosk

Globus Information Kiosk is an effective method to amplify the reach of information at public place. It can also be used to make use of the self-servicing technology to book ticket, generate tokens, book appointment, place orders, etc. This not only saves time of the users but also cuts down the cost for the businesses by reducing the reliance of manpower for tasks like ticket booking, appointment, information desk, etc.

Clubbed with efficient and yielding Queue Management System and Digital Token System, the queue can be managed efficiently and be allowed to access their options. This feature comes handy in hospitals, post office, etc to manage large number of people.

To be durable enough to deal with thousands of people on daily basis, Globus Information Kiosk comes with a vandal-proof body and metallic keyboard to prevent breakage and malfunctioning.

USPs of Information Kiosk

  • Includes inbuilt Queue Management System, Digital Token System and Customer Feedback System for a complete solution.
  • Can be floor mounted.
  • Comes with inbuilt powerful computing system.
  • Rust-proof, rugged body
  • Inbuilt audio system

Digital Signage at Office and Public Places

Besides retail and restaurants, digital signage has made a vast difference in public information display that can otherwise be dull and confusing. In hospitals, banks, airports or average office space, digital signage provides clear and concise message that can be consumed by staff and visitors.

It also boosts productivity at an organization, institute or office by providing easy and quick access to information. It also makes internal communication more accessible and effective. At offices, meetings and shift schedules can be displayed on the digital signage while at hospitals, an OPD schedule can be made available in the least confusing manner.

In case of interactive displays, the patients at hospital can book their appointment with the doctor without having to consult a help desk. Similarly, employee can check their shift schedule on the digital display and also mark their presence.

Digital Signage at Educational Institutes

The administration of the educational institutes has to convey loads of information with students, teachers and parents. Hence, for much immediate and wider reach of information, digital signage comes to play. Digital signage in school and college environment can be used to display information like event listing, cafeteria menus, lecture schedule, examination date sheet, results or customizable messages.

Another way in which a digital signage can be used is in case of emergencies. In case of untoward incidents like fire, weather conditions, safety hazards, the digital signage can be used to notify the students and staff. It can also display messages to inform what actions they need to take to stay safe.

On the other hand, for day to day purpose digital display can be used to share inspirational messages everyday to uplift students’ mood. It can also be used to display ‘today in history’ and ‘quote of the day’ for the students.

Segments of Digital Signage

There are many purposes for which digital signage can be used today. Let’s give a brief overview of some of the most common applications of the digital signage technology.

Internal Information: Digital Signage can be used in schools, colleges, offices, hotel lobbies to help the employees and visitors to convey important news or corporate messages. It can also display real-time health and safety information, room updates, events, notices, etc.

Public Information: On roads and intersections, digital signage can be used to display important information like traffic diversions, construction work, traffic information, news, air quality index, etc which can help you on your journey.

Product Information: Digital Signage can be used to display marketing information related to products and services. It can give an insight to the potential buyers about the product, pricing, nutritional value, specifications, usage, etc.

Enhancing Visual Appearance: Digital Signage is visually appealing which can be used to enhance users’ experience in supermarkets, airports, museum or any other public place. It helps to add aesthetic value to people’s day-to-day experiences.

Globus Digital Signage caters to the different requirements of businesses. The product line-up includes data wall, video wall, LED wall, digital display, information kiosk, digital touch table and vertical signage. We offer a wide variety of cost-effective, appealing and scalable solutions for everyone’s educational, business and commercial needs.