In today’s highly competitive world, where professionals strive to maximize their productivity, providing a comfortable workplace environment for them is a necessity. An integral part of this equation involves investing in furniture solutions, especially high-quality tables, and desks, which helps sustain high level productivity – weather it’s for important discussions or working on a project for extended working hours.

We understand that the realm of commercial-grade furniture can be intimidating for any business. That’s why we have curated a range of the best desks and tables to help you acquire the finest solutions for your workspace. Whether you’re in search of that perfect office table that exudes style and comfort for your personal workspace, or an elegant conference room table that impresses, we’ve got your covered.

Executive Desk

This office furniture stands out as the most prevalent choice in office design. Featuring a spacious rectangular worksurface and ample options for hidden storage like drawers and cabinets, an executive desk allows ease of accessing essentials and efficient organization. While executive office desk is often associated with high-raking professionals and executives, its generous size proves highly advantageous for employees working on big projects or when prompt collaborative sessions are conducted. Our L-shaped executive desks are meticulously crafted execute desks are versatile solutions both for individuals who prefer ample working and storage space and the ones who prioritize functionality and style in their personal workspace.

Presidential Suite Desk

Our presidential suites are designed to enhance productivity while conveying authority and sophistication. Their size, layout and look make them practical office table solutions suitable for conducting meetings and discussions right in the office. To ensure that your important documents and supplies are well-organized and easily accessible, they’re also equipped with built-in storage options like cabinets and drawers.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and featuring solid wood and fine veneer, they not only create a visually appealing workspace but also a functional one, potentially enhancing productivity and concentration.

This office furniture solution serves as the central hub for collaborative meetings and critical business deliberations. At Globus we understand that the significance of a conference table extends beyond aesthetics. Our conference room tables not only complement office aesthetics but also foster effective communication and participation by ensuring comfort for every attendee. In addition, the design of each conference table by Globus takes into the account optimum viewing angle for each participant. We offer a variety of configurations, 4, 6, 8 and 10 -seater conference tables that are ideal choice for interactive team discussions, facilitating extended video conferences and diverse meeting requirements. Our U-shaped conference tables are also some of the best choices for presentations and meetings.

Computer desks

Our range of desk and tables solutions also include desks that can accommodate a computer-based workstation. A well-designed computer desk provides ample space to meet modern technology needs such as concealed storage for CPUs, keyboards tray, shelves, cabinet drawers and more. It also offers enough workspace so that the user keeps working comfortably.

Globus provides a diverse selection of café tables, desks, and more office table solutions designed specifically for elevated comfort and productivity. We understand that every office workspace has a unique requirement, which is why we also offer customized office table solutions for your unique needs. We look forward to working with you to help you create an aesthetically pleasing, functional office environment. Contact us anytime to explore the possibilities!