Globus Infocom celebrates 22 years of excellence

March 2, 2023 1:19:55 PM IST

On this day the company was established with a small team giving new meaning to digital inclusion. Expanding from 2001 to the 2023 small team turned into the inclusion of 270+ members towards unlimited growth, inspiring and providing opportunities to drive excellence. An industry pioneer for the past 22 years, Globus has successfully fortified its presence in the EdTech industry. Globus has forayed into developing comprehensive technology solutions catering to domains like Collaborative Conferencing & Professional Display, Security & Surveillance, and Institutional Furniture.

It became inexplicable when it strongly expanded its domain in the field of the education sector. Doing a lot in this field Globus Infocom came to emerge as a leading ed-tech brand transforming classrooms with digitalization. With innovative products and solutions like Interactive Displays, Digital Boards, Language Labs, Virtual Classrooms & LMS, and well-designed courses created by experts Globus products/solutions have completely provided new meaning to the classrooms.

The 22 Years of Journey….


To start a company, people need motivation, strength, and strong efforts to establish what they are building. Efforts lead to better consequences from one person to expanding to different people from different regions supporting diversity. Rising from scratch to moving towards a well-developed team with its own research and development unit to empower innovations.

Today, with a significant customer base of more than 30,000, Globus Infocom has led the B2B sector for the past 22 years envisioning to go long.

The company is created by its employees who support the company’s growth to reach a level. Providing challenging opportunities to grow and learn, Globus also encourages extracurricular activities in the office supported by a fun activity that relaxes your mind. Who can keep your health record other than your parents or family, your company does. Regular health camp checkups and yoga sessions for your mental well-being were encouraged.

An environment that is cheerful creates happy learning in the work ecosystem allowing participation from everyone in the office without creating pressure.


Great Achievements in Various Fields

Working towards the field effectively, Globus Infocom was awarded for excellent work and services during these years. From being certified as Great Place to Work in 2022 and yet again in the year 2023 to being awarded as Company of the year, in 2022 featured in the magazine Global Hues (World Meets Group).


Adding value to its strong brand Globus has recently launched its own Brand Mascot termed GLEE (Globus e-expert) know more.....

The company was also awarded as the best classroom tech solution of the year marking its clear stand in the field of EdTech and various fields


The company has been empowering women in business with a great commitment to removing gender biases. With effective work in the education sector, Mrs. Kiran Dham CEO of the company was awarded Education and Ed-Tech entrepreneur of the year in 2022. Leading an organization that is tech-based she has removed all the persistent stereotypes enhancing potential effects in the domain.

Let’s hear a word from the


Kiran Dham - We envisioned to make education accessible to one and all. The main inspirational value which encouraged me to start the company was to bring a change in the education system in India by prioritizing digitalization. Believing in the power of technology, we have tapped into the potential to build better futures, meaningful businesses, and enriching experiences for organizations as well as for users. With our strong efforts, we were able to create a platform for students in remote areas enhancing accessibility and educational excellence to the marginalized section of society curbing the digital divide.

With our zeal to bring some significance, we have developed a plethora of offerings towards learning solutions that have modernized education. We seek to offer unlimited possibilities with distinct offerings for our partners, customers, and team members.

An Employee Experience

Companies rise when their employees rise. The day I joined here, I never looked back. I am learning, growing, and developing new levels every day. It has been a life-changing experience for sure. Excellence comes from practice, Globus has provided me with a platform where I have created ideas, supported growth, and hence explored new genres of opportunities.

Possibilities Unlimited

Towards the journey to fulfilling unlimited possibilities, companies envisioned acquiring brilliance in minimizing the Digital Divide by adopting digitalization in rural areas with enriched and well-designed digital products/solutions.

Maximizing the usage of digital comprehensive solutions Globus has also unlocked the door for transformation in Business with digitalization.

Congrats, because it’s just the beginning of the world of new possibilities, there is a long way to go to drive excellence, achieve maximum, and ensure success.

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Ravinder Singh

Congratulations !!!!!

Tamana Yadav

The best EdTech company in India, you are doing great work in the education sector by making learning easy for everyone. Congratulations on achieving this milestone


Congratulations on achieving this milestone


Congratulations on this achievement

Peema Singh

The best company for product base is Globus Infocom. Best product and solution for Edtech.
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