Learners today are exploring multiple platforms to work beyond their boundaries and avoid monotonous educational patterns. They are now more focused on skills-based development. Today innovative platforms have been developed and are unlocking doors of opportunities for fulfilling this quest of learning.

Seeking the demand for new ways of educational achievement, companies in India are working to enlighten the path of deriving excellence in classrooms of Schools/Colleges/Higher Education.

Companies in India have innovated EdTech solutions like Digital Board, Interactive Displays, Digital Language Labs, Digital Teaching Solutions, and many more. Giving new meaning to learning methods, these technologies for classrooms have helped learners in classes to boost academic achievement.

k-12 digital content

k-12 digital content

Digital Board for Teaching

A digital board for teaching is a large display that has replaced the traditional whiteboard for classrooms. Creating an interesting and engaging environment for teaching-learning methods, students are more attracted to audio-visual ways of teaching and learning.

One can anecdote to the documents, play relevant videos in classrooms, show multiple documents, explain maps in large format, and provide better assessment and evaluation and more ensuring maximum engagement.

Today Digital Boards have become the need for every classroom, providing the strongest platform for teachers to explore new methods to make their learners learn like never before.

Features of the best Digital Board

To know in detail, below are mentioned the best features of Digital Board, one can refer to before buying for their classrooms.

1. Record screen to refer to later

Teachers can record and store classes using the Digital Board's screen recording feature, which spares teachers and students from taking extensive notes and helps them both save valuable time.

2. Access to Multi Writing options

Multiple people can participate and write at the same time on the screen thanks to the multi-writing capability. By letting students write, draw, or sketch directly on the screen to convey their views, a teacher can improve class discussions.

Digital Board Solution

3. Live Annotation to understand better

Annotation allows one to write, underline, and highlight right on a displayed text or image to assist explain concepts. The ability to annotate, highlight, sketch, and write comments on a document that is being presented can make it easier for participants or learners.

4. Create a PowerPoint Presentationr

The available PowerPoint Presentation is one of the easiest presentation tools for both business and education to utilise. It can assist create a powerful and captivating presentation.

5. Discover various resources

Using the digital board, students can browse the web to obtain pertinent course information from other sources. Thus, having internet connectivity gives people access to a vast information resource library.

6. Screen Sharing for Collaborative Learning

Users can share content from various devices, including laptops, PCs, and smartphones, by utilising the screen-sharing capability. The majority of digital whiteboards provide screen sharing through wireless and HDMI connecting cables.

7. More engagement with Video Conferencing

These days, the majority of digital boards include enhanced built-in front cameras and video conferencing features. Prominent EdTech companies have also begun to focus more on enhancing the integrated microphones and speakers for better audio-video clarity.

k-12 digital content

Digital board with K-12 digital Content boosts academic achievement

A digital board with k-12 digital content is the complete package for any classroom to be covered with ease, excellence, and enthusiasm since animated & engaging content always attracts learners in the classrooms. Replacing traditional methods of teaching, teachers are now teaching in classrooms with inbuilt expert-created content for classrooms. Engaging content explained videos, multiple tests for effective evaluation, gamified sessions, and other external resources add life to classroom sessions. K-12 digital content is not only preferred by school students but it is also read by learners who are preparing for any competitive exams.

When choosing a digital board with K-12 digital content, one can consider things like

• Features: Features like dual OS, lag-free writing, and interactive whiteboards are included with Digital Boards.

• Content: Digital Boards come with content tailored to users' preferences.

• Multimedia resources: Multimedia materials such as interactive quizzes, animations, and videos are accessible through digital boards.

• Accessibility: Comprehensive solutions are provided for ease and hassle-free experience. along with the display, multimedia controller, K-12 digital content, and institutional furniture companies like Globus provide complete solutions of Digital Board.

Are you looking for a Digital Board for your classroom?

Look no further than the Globus Digital Boards if you're looking for an incredible digital board to revolutionize your classroom. This digital board for teaching is revolutionizing interactive learning with its amazing capabilities, such as 4K resolution, multi-touch support, and the ability to display interesting information.

It is an effective tool for educators because of its integrated K–12 smart class content & lag-free writing experience, Collaboration and engagement are further boosted by its interactive touch feature. The Globus Digital Board is the best option for educators looking to improve their lesson plans and give their pupils a more engaging learning environment.

digital board

The Globus Digital Board comes in several sizes: 65”, 75”, 86”, 98, and 110 inches. Additionally, Globus offers a complete digital board solution that includes an interactive display, multimedia controller, keyboard and mouse, visualiser, mini-PCs, optional K–12 digital material (ContentShaala), & institutional furniture, that completely transforms your classrooms.