India being such a diversified country where people belonging to different communities speak different languages, English became the most prominent and widely acceptable language here.To make students language proficient and productive, English language learners need opportunities to interact socially and academically. For such improvement companies are developing Digital Language Labs.

Language Lab and its Components

Digital language lab

Language laboratories are mainly educational platforms for students to read, learn & understand the basics of a language in a structured way from basic to advanced levels. It is a setup completely dedicated to language learning where students can access both audio and audio-visual materials. Mainly  predominant languages provided in this lab are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, Spanish, and many others. Essentially language lab for schools is a self-learning device that includes content in it, the content provided by Digital Language Lab is multimedia-rich with proven language methodologies including Computer-Based Training and Instructor-Led Training.

The digital language lab plays a crucial role in transforming the institution’s teaching method successfully in a very novel way. In a way, a language lab for schools is a system that revolutionizes a passive language learning class into an active speaking. We need language labs in schools and colleges to promote innovative teaching-learning techniques to make students language proficient

With many attributes, the language lab software incorporates important components including Interactive Display, Multimedia controller, Biometric Attendance Device, Student Computer, Cabinet or housing, Classroom Transformation, and Headphones.

Language Lab for Schools and its important features

English is a universal language spoken everywhere, hence it is important to learn this language in schools and have a good command of it to meet the competitive demand of today’s time. Every School today needs to have a language lab in their classroom since it provides distinct functions that students find easy to learn. Below are the mentioned basic functions of Digital language labs:

  • Systematically organized content acquiring the important reading and writing skills on which the base of a student depends.
  • Multimedia files like images and videos to facilitate learning.
  • The teacher is free to focus his attention on an individual student's performance through the assessment and evaluation features it includes. Report generation activities, which is a benchmark to evaluate the self-growth of the students.
  • The available headphones develop more concentration while listening and attending the class.
  • Using its recording features one can record their classes which makes them free from note-making.
  • Intonation exercises to polish the language by mastering different pitches, pace, and volume making them expert evaluators of correct pronunciations.
  •  Language Lab software provides progressive learning programs from Elementary to Advanced levels preparing students with a strong base to meet the demands of the future.

Use of language lab in removing communication barrier:

Learning effectively while listening

A digital language lab is an innovative step toward achieving effective learning of multi-languages. The uncomplicated way of learning a language brings a complete personality change. Learning while listening gives clarity to the learners and removes the fear of speaking using language labs. The most important purpose of the language lab for schools is being fulfilled in rural areas particularly by removing the language gap between rural & urban areas making them more confident than before.

Better pronunciations increase the clarity

Through this lab, students can communicate well with better pronunciation improving the clarity in learning. Enhancement of vocabulary increases proficiency in English language learning and the use of language lab software improves the different learning abilities of students.

Promising experimentation creating active participation

It is a great deal of promising experimentation around rural discrimination training, as it is designed to instruct the student to be an expert evaluator for correct pronunciation, The English language lab helps in self-evaluation and growth through language assessment features of it.

Communications evolutions give better opportunities for future

 Removal of communication barriers by learning languages mostly English; is also a matter of national interest since India with the highest population amongst youth will accomplish the level generating lots of employment. Digital languages lab in India therefore could be the next trailblazer in communication evolution by removing this communication gap and providing better pathways for students.


The  need for citizens in knowing  different languages mostly English and Hindi has brought prominent use of Language Lab software in the classroom helping students to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Some schools took the initiative to install Digital Language Labs in their schools, in such schools, several projects of Digital Language Lab installation were implemented by Globus Infocom Limited, a leading Make in India brand in Education solution providers transforming the learning ecosystem.

Promoting interactive learning processes in coming future language lab systems will be a milestone toward developing different language knowledge amongst children enabling students to understand and implement for better growth in life.