Digital Board Solution

Remote education is one of the alternatives against traditional learning. The purpose behind this is to teach while students and teachers are not in the same vicinity. The idea behind hybrid learning is to learn and teach in both ways by promoting remote as well as classroom learning, making it a practical solution for attending classes during the pandemic. As with almost everything schools are doing during the pandemic, hybrid learning has inspired a wide range of reactions. Parents and students are grateful as schools are finding creative ways to bring their children back to school buildings while taking safety measures against COVID-19.

School safety is more important than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic. But with right technology, educational institutions can enable hybrid learning environment, without compromising safety of Children. And implementing digital devices like Interactive Display in educational institutions is a must to run a successful & productive hybrid learning scenario as it provides the perfect platform with digital tools & resources to deliver an equal learning experience for remote & real learning sessions.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning allows students to study from a fine balance of classroom & home. It is not fully virtual, nor it is fully digital. At the start of the pandemic, School institutes took the complete online class approach to continue with the education of the students but gradually since schools are opening, educational institutions need to ensure a safe yet consistent learning environment. The online education structure worked fine for the pandemic scenario, but it lacked a human touch & was not contributing in the holistic development of children. During such uncertain times, educational institutions need to adopt a creative approach in order to facilitate learning in an engaging yet sustainable manner & deliver consistent education successfully. By digitally enabling the classroom with technology devices like Interactive Display, Schools can easily run an engaging learning session for classroom as well as remote learning students.

The hybrid model of education builds a learner-centered experience via Interactive Flat Panel Display that is personalized, relevant, and engaging and revolves around meeting the diverse needs of different students. It is now used to supplement different solutions for a unified learning approach. Sometimes it can take few students for in-class sessions & few would attend remotely & vice versa which gives equal chance to each student to experience both methods of learning & keeping them safe at the same time. Interactive Flat Panel Display with the Interactive suit also encourages different activities like brain storming, discussions, quizzes etc to keep the classes engaging for the learners at both end.

Benefits of Hybrid Learning

  • Improved Flexibility for Students: Hybrid learning has given the students the opportunity to study as per the flexible schedule which has made more & more students to continue education even in difficult situations.
  • Easy access to Quality learning: Now more students can opt for quality learning as the flexible learning schedule gives more space for students to join classes & teachers can address more & more students even from a distance. The technology used with the Interactive Display offers a suite of tools & resources which help in delivering best of the learning solution to the learners.
  • Enhance two- way communications- As hybrid learning follows both the ways of communications remote as well as classroom learning students & teachers can communicate much better through physical & digital platforms & get their queries solved.
  • Roadmap for Students – Integrating technology also helps students to develop technical skills which is a given for their holistic development.
  • Effective use of time- The choice given in hybrid learning to study from home saves time of traveling.
  • Increased collaboration: Students get to not only meet online but also in classrooms which gives them more room to connect & collaborate with each other. Different activities which come with the Interactive Flat Panel Display also open the chance for the students to collaborate through the activities like quizzes, presentations & games.
  • Better opportunity for experimental learning- With experimental learning we could compare learning through seeing, the features that come with the technology integration through the Interactive display include animated videos and gamification of contents giving students audio-visual learning experiences.

Easy implementation of a successful Hybrid learning scenario through Interactive Display

The concept of hybrid learning started with the integration of technology in classrooms & online space to continue learning during difficult scenarios. The easy integration of video conferencing, camera and microphones it gives one-click connectivity to online classes. Interactive Display provides the perfect platform to run meaningful class sessions along with offline learning which keeps the course of learning of similar quality for students on both platforms. The whole class feel involved in the session equally as the classes are live from the classroom & interactions can be done simultaneously with offline & online sessions.

The Interactive Display plays a major role in creating immersive, engaging & productive sessions with the kind of tools & resources available with it. Teachers can easily explain the difficult topics with different explanations through different methodologies & supportive examples available online which is suited to the diverse minds of different students. It also offers digital content for different subjects which helps teachers to teach with tailor-made content. Content can also be shared with the students online. The Interactive Flat Panel Display also has a highly user-friendly platform wherein teachers don’t have to put in extra time or effort to start the classes or run the sessions, In short, Interactive Displays are the best medium to connect the online & offline classes in the most engaging way through Hybrid learning.

Teachers can also personalize the sessions as per different students’ needs. The Interactive Display also allows teachers to have centralized views of the classrooms. Teachers can coordinate all devices and control the student’s activities to promote better participation. With this, Interactive Displays helps them to inherit the ability to reinforce active learning. Countless activities with the help of this Interactive display helps in facilitating active learning.

The future of Hybrid Learning

Today hybrid learning is practiced on different variety of schools and participants from postgraduate students to middle school students. The current use of technology in all institutions shows that the mix of online & offline learning will get increasing attention from different areas. Technology products & solutions like Interactive Flat Panel Display for education are already

In near future, the classroom will be dominated by different technology integration in classrooms through solutions like such as Digital board, Interactive Flat Panel Display etc which will make it easier to run hybrid course of learning in classrooms. With the growth of technological innovations spread, hybrid learning will be the most preferred way of teaching. By integrating technology in constructive learning into hybrid learning one can aim to educate students by facilitating the holistic development of students via academic & skill development which prepares them for the future in the most effective manner.