“Medium of excellence: How Digital Board is changing the face of traditional classrooms?”

Everyone has their own way of studying in the classroom. Some read aloud to understand the concept, some have the habit of writing while reading, others love making notes and some like to anecdote simply on notes. But all together studying in common has only one motive which is to adopt the existing knowledge, find relevance for that knowledge, and discover new knowledge.  

Knowledge is what makes you civilized and excel in the field you want to move forward with. If we compare the traditional means with the modern means we will see the graph of the improvement in children what it means is that focus has been shifted to encouraging medium of excellence in the classrooms and not rote learning.

Traditional vs modern method of learning:

The traditional method of classroom consisted of a large number of students with single teachers lacking individualized learning. For example, reading the map in the classroom now became easy with proper visualization of images on interactive tools. Several digital tools are being installed in the classroom for the improvisation of learning like interactive displays, digital boards, and interactive whiteboards. Here in this blog, we will be discussing the digital board and its uses in the classroom.

What is the Digital Board?

Digital board for the classroom is the complete and comprehensive unit transforming your classroom from a traditional inclined method of learning amalgamating a modern form of learning. Supporting, now called HyFlex (hybrid and flexible) learning digital board for teaching has prioritized foundational literacies amongst learners. Maximize learning with multiple finger touch options and AI-enable tools in digital board making it the most deserving classroom technology for the classroom.

The common major components it possesses:

  • Ultra HD Interactive display
  • Digital Teaching Device incorporating multimedia controller, visualizer keyboard & mouse, soundbar, UPS and Biometric attendance device & many more
  • Better connectivity through portable devices
  • Interactive classroom suite to edit, save, erase, highlight, color, shape print, email, record, and use brushes
  • K-12 Digital content (Optional) for teachers and students
  • Available inbuilt quiz tools and report generation of it enhancing self-evaluation

Benefits of using a digital board

With the inbuilt features making education accessible to every individual, innovative ways have been adopted to rebuild classrooms with unquestionable solutions to convert class-safeguarding education. Out of the many digital tools let us see what Digital Board encompasses with

  • Makes complicated concepts easy to understand – Carefully crafted learning resources available on digital boards help you understand the concept easily.
  • Absolute adoption of technology in learning- Enhance your technical skills with the digital board for teaching. With an easy-to-use solution, one can assure being free from the worry of adopting a digital board in class.
  • Comprehensive solution for smart classroom setup- Encouraging the medium of smart learning digital board solutions encompasses well-defined components that teachers in today’s time require. with complete audio-video visual learning experiences, it transforms the whole learning ecosystem ensuring effective teaching.
  • Revamping your traditional classroom setup- Moving with the time solutions like digital board can develop scientific temperament increasing efficiencies and ensuring mutual growth of both learners and educators.
  • More student-centric approach- Involving students directly and enhancing their decision-making power digital boards are helping students to self-examine their growth.
  • Support the blended learning approach- Ensure ultimate flexibility with the blended learning approach by enabling students to learn at their own pace. Digital board supporting hybrid learning thus enhanced students’ engagement for enriched learning experiences.

 What could be the steps to excel in the classrooms through Digital Board Solutions?

As discussed above every individual has their way of adding proper constituents to their mode of accepting education outshining in class and life. What digital boards can add to their learning is the sense of discussion over here. Below are the steps in which one can stand out while using a digital board:

  1. The First step will be, Adopting the new digital tools installed in the class to accept, learn, utilize, practice, and analyze the features of the digital board to create an appropriate learning environment.
  2. Second, would be Learning while seeing to opt-out better qualities through the digital board.
  3. Third, will be Practicing the wider view of an image broadcasting on display to get point-to-point ideas.
  4. Fourth, would be Utilizing external connectivity to share and accept the knowledge to increase the two-way mode of learning
  5. Fifth, could be Analyzing your growth through the medium of assessment after following the above four steps.

Digital Board solutions: changing the face of the traditional classroom?

Traditional classrooms as you will be aware included only the dual mode of learning where two-way participation was only possible, well with the digital board we have been able to modify education leaving behind the customary method. It has also been seen that students in online classes are increasing faster than students “on campus” in the last few years.

Let us discuss some of the points which will help us to analyze how the traditional classroom is being converted to modern learning:

  • Wide access to learning materials

Education materials through the digital board can be accessed easily by practicing both the medium of studies; online well as offline supporting at-home learning as well as hybrid learning which was not possible in traditional means of learning.

  • High-quality results

The gamified concept, assessment, interactivity suite, easy file downloading, and connecting to external knowledge through the internet certify the quality of education amongst students.

  • Unlimited knowledge with just one touch

One can truly be productive while learning from the digital board. Nowadays more than anything in life what matters the most is time. Easy external connectivity and assistive technologies empower students while saving time clarifying the concept in a better way.

  • Higher-order thinking skills

Using a digital board intellectual thinking can be developed. It is set as a platform where interactive activities among students can be stimulated. The open-ended questions in the classroom using digital competency.


Excellence is what defines students! knowledge encourages you to reach a level where you can decide for yourself. It is what innovative solutions of the time are trying to encourage, enhance and inspire students to create an educational solution that will leave a long-term impact on the future of education ensuring the demographic dividend to occur where the share of the working population is more than the non-working populations.