The recent innovations in the EdTech industry have brought up different products, that are being widely accepted in the classrooms. The rising shift from traditional learning to modern learning due to attractive features of the solutions like Interactive Display, Digital Board, Virtual Classroom and Language Lab, etc. have led classrooms to adopt digital learning.

The classroom is said to be successful when every student achieves something out of their talent. And who helps this achievement is the universal fact, the teachers. The teachers know the best way to make their students engaging and interactive with the engaging content provided. An interactive learning environment help students to adapt and learn faster in the classroom.

Nowadays teachers are using different strategies to make their students on the front foot making them stand a place in a competitive world. Combining these strategies with the Digital Board help teachers to create the most interactive classroom. The idea of adoption of technology in the classroom, therefore, has given an education system its ways by recreating teachers-students relations in the classroom.

What is the digital board?

An alternative to traditional learning, a digital board for teaching has now become the most acceptable form of modern learning. This consists of an interactive screen containing texts, videos, images, inbuilt k-12 content, etc. which enhances the visual learning of students.

Teachers can utilize Digital Board for teaching also it provides a foundation for creating a healthy classroom environment. Teachers while showing educational content can create well-established interaction with the students.

Why Educators flipping for new learning through Digital Board:

Educators are turning over the new phase of learning due to the several advantages of Digital Board over traditional learning methods making it an important tool for teaching. Here are some major benefits which allow teachers its adoption are:

  • Well-organised: Digital board for teaching with inbuilt features helps save time, and energy, and eases tasks for teachers. For example, before moving up to the next lesson teachers can change the content through the board to which students can refer.
  • Easy to access: The digital board allows students for easy access to educational materials through the available online resources. Teachers can connect to their students from anywhere through the available internet. It helps students to connect with their classmates too.
  • Interactive classroom suite: It is an interactive display system used as a digital board for teaching. Consisting of the marker, paintbrush, highlighter, laser pen, AI pen, magic line pen, etc allows you to draw and write. Using an interactive classroom suite one can easily upload and share content.
  • Engaging learning: Through Digital Board educators can create engaging learning. Students participating in activities have become more comfortable with the use of technologies. Students collaborating through the Digital board are working together as a team. They have become more active learners than mere passive listeners as now they can ask questions when teachers are teaching. Also collaborating with teachers, students, and parents one can gain information by sharing documents, recording class, and other activities.
  • User-friendly: Earlier educators were uncertain to use technology in the classroom. The most available reason for this hesitation would be difficulty in its adoption. But a digital board for teaching offers user-friendly approaches as they come.
  • Prioritizing your needs: Based on customers’ needs a digital board can be customized accordingly. Based on the teaching style allows one to make the tool fit for learning.
  • Learn with fun: With the inbuilt gamified concept on the digital board, students can learn with fun. Teachers can use the digital board as a tool allowing students to enhance information with clear logic by improving their growth in class.
  • Multi-purpose use: Digital board can be integrated with other tools like smartphones just by scanning the QR code through which files can be downloaded. Also, files can be saved to google drive and the cloud to access lesson plans, files, etc from anywhere.
  • Enhance attentiveness in class: Digital Board uses inbuilt tools to capture students’ attention. Student in any class enjoys visual learning more than text. Therefore videos, images, and other media tools on digital boards enhance concepts of students in better ways. Visual representation particularly helps them understand and get clarity of the concepts better.
  • Assessment and evaluation: Assessment and evaluation have always been part of smart learning; evaluation gives feedback to students and teachers both giving an idea about themselves. Evaluation through report generation help students is motivated toward learning. Removing the use of pen and paper, a digital board with its inbuilt quiz tools allows participants to submit answers through which reports are generated.

Why is Digital Board for teaching trending?

With so many features provided by Digital Board, teaching becomes more accessible while using the digital board. Here are some of the applications which help Digital Board to be trending:

  • Digital Board can be used for individual students, whole groups, or the entire class by helping in the projection of words, pictures, and even videos on the screen.
  • It helps teachers to clarify concepts with insights, conceptual data, and other such information.
  • You can also use digital boards for making important announcements.
  • You can create a hub or a space for students to work together on class projects and other activities. It is a place where they can discuss concepts.
  • Track attendance, report and assess students with quiz tools, and monitor performance with the help of Digital Board.


In this blog, we have seen the beneficial features of Digital Board allowing teachers for its adoption. Allowing students to better understand through visual content helps teachers to explain educational content and interact with the students properly as compared to the traditional blackboards.

Using recent innovative resources and technologies students can learn more naturally. This is encouraging them to analyze their true potential. Therefore, today educators flipping to the digital board is not an option but a necessity.