An educational degree defines the academic achievements of the student by shaping their future, but it is skills that allow the development of working professionals making them accomplish a landmark in their career.

But the challenge was that while doing the job employees could not get sufficient time to follow their dream. During this time the virtual classroom turns out to be a blessing for those who were not able to enhance, extend and strengthen their proficiencies. The easy accessibility of courses online enhanced the productivity of people to go for demanded courses they wish to have.

Until now you would have been aware of what a virtual classroom is, let’s get into more details about what and how leading EdTech brands made these trends of learning successful and accessible throughout education.

What is a virtual classroom?

Online learning, the other name one could define for virtual classrooms came and was widely accepted only during the time of the pandemic, and became the true medium of learning for classrooms, higher education, offices, and conferences thereafter. Following the easiest setup with just internet connectivity virtual classroom software is integrated into the classroom frequently. Provided with the platform for discussion through group and private chat via live chat, there is also the availability of an online content library. The virtual classroom supports multi-device compatibility and helps in streaming recording sessions in live classrooms.

There is an availability of a separate content library for each instructor enhancing individual-focused learning. The available media player in the virtual classroom setup allows the presenter or attendees to share any audio/video files by expanding the arena of knowledge. Unrestricted freedom is ensured to the participants through virtual classrooms considering virtual classrooms to be at the peak of growth of the education technology.

How is it benefiting working professionals?

  • Improve skills of learners- The most important thing which defines the growth of students is learning different skills. skills not based on the subject but surrounded by the interest of the people in the field they choose to go. While virtual classrooms became famous for school education, they also allowed higher education, institutions, and offices to opt for this as a medium. People while doing the job are doing several courses related to the job they like.
  • Better career growth- Today career defines and shapes human development, working on enhancement of skills thus makes the resume strong, and strong opportunities thus ensure a better career in life. Through the virtual classroom concept, different choices of career can be achieved. Today most of the interviews are conducted through the virtual medium itself and people situated in their places can give interviews utilizing maximum accessibility.
  • Broader framework of perspectives Wide range of goals seeking competitiveness worldwide. Keeping pace with the global standards has been suggestive for the participation to explore better opportunities, strategies, and different perspectives to develop a successful business by practicing the training through a virtual classroom.
  • Save time and be productive- Virtual classrooms have become a successful medium in enhancing productivity, ensuring growth, and saving time stimulating youths to endorse growth to make the most out of it. By decreasing the traveling time and increasing the participation of the youth many independent educators are also practicing this as a medium of teaching to learners.
  • Several certifications courses- Recently different IITs and IIMs have launched their short-term certification programs Delhi launched its certifications courses virtually. There are different and many distinct programs offered by these institutions to meet the demand of the present time of generating employment. Many dreamt to study in renowned places but due to tough competition, few people get selected in such institutions not able to get the opportunity to study here can pursue such courses while doing jobs even.
  • Minimizing gender division- The virtual classroom concept not only encouraged the participation of girls and children in studying from home but above that stimulated the growth of women particularly housewives who now with the skills learned virtually can excel in their life making them self-dependent. These initiatives have thus helped in minimizing gender division enabling digital skills.
  • Accessible areas of the network Accessibility are not only about the geographical approachability but also the easy availability of educational resources. Resources that are innovated in recent times are not to be minimized to urban areas but to the areas where half of India’s population lies, that is rural areas where education is the second important place and not the first. To make it priority, virtual classrooms is playing an important place in learning.
  • Learn from the best teachers Availing of quality education by taking classes seating at home through the virtual classroom. It has encouraged teachers to make them reachable to a large medium of learners enhancing educational excellence. Quality education is what helps you to achieve a place in society and implementation of that is possible through the best trainers who focus more on conceptual learning than rote learning.


The virtual classroom thus proves to be a platform that brings out a new form of learning where reality and virtuality become interconnected. Virtualization of education will imply not only educational growth but as well as professional growth.

Escalation in the adoption of innovative solutions in the classroom is ensuring growth not only at the individual level but also helps in the development of society.  responding to the adoption of technology and increasing competition recently there has been rising importance of professional development programs. Thus, arming professionals with new resources to have their exposure. Creating formal and informal opportunities for employer’s virtual classroom as a consequence are being successfully adopted in Indian Education System.