Have you ever imagined during the nineties to be in classes where you can see the texts of your book digitally? Did learning chapters of History seem lengthy, moving from pages to pages?

Well, this is the time when children are privileged to have access to learning through leading education technology brands which is transforming the classroom. The experimental study methods provided by modern EdTech solutions, has changed the perspective towards learning. The foray of technology has provided engaging & interactive subject learning practices which have encouraged learners & teachers to explore out-of-the-box practices & apply practical understanding of subjects.

Through the indulgence of Leading edtech brands in the education sector in India, learning in classrooms has helped students’ strategies the ways by maximizing 4Cs in the classroom. To create a student-centered educational approach in the classroom, cooperation would be needed, and teachers therefore should design the lessons with the intensions of including 4Cs in the classrooms.

Let us know what these 4Cs are and how EdTech learning is magnifying these:


Communication lays the base of growth for learners & it needs to be inculcated from an early age. By practicing communication, learners become better at streamlining an idea, effectively communicating it & making a positive impact on people around them. Effective communication skills comprise of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing as the most vital elements of communication. Also, the way in which this innovation is building these four abilities among understudies is currently being addressed without any problem.

Education technology companies in India like Globus Infocom have come up with the solutions like “Digital Language Lab” which promotes language skills in three different languages like English, Hindi, and Sanskrit, and promotes language learning as a skill.


The Digital revolution has aided creativity & innovation in the classrooms. By making learning solutions quite simple & engaging, technology has made creativity intact and flowing into the pedagogy itself. EdTech solutions providers are focusing on bringing in innovations in their solutions that helps in enhancing mind mapping. It means learners will be able to look at a problem from multiple perspectives. The brainstorming tools and resources available with the content help cultivate analytical skills, creative thinking.  Colorful picturization, explained the content and defined tools attract teachers and students both towards innovative and imaginative ability broadening their competency


Even though collaboration is deeply human, education technology brands can support and enhance it. Exchanging ideas is the basis of collaboration, and advanced technology classroom solutions by leading edtech brands offer the perfect platform to encourage collaboration among the learners. It also promotes peer relationships and exposes and shares newer ideas among the learners. The feedback & reviews on the assignments foster constructive development & positive outlook towards peer collaboration.

Critical thinking

Students need to be able to think independently, conduct research, recognize bias, and construct their own arguments to put forward a clear perspective of their ideations. Classroom solutions designed by leading edtech brands help students to develop their analytical skills on a large scale. Education, integrated with technology creates participative insights amongst students. It enhances conceptual understanding among students and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

The interactive sessions promote discussions in the classroom, the instant feedback and organized knowledge advance critical thinking skills amongst learners. Modern digital learning solutions provide students the resources to analyze data and research in meaningful ways developing analytical skills with scientific and experimental reasoning.

Ending note

Technology can help a great deal in encouraging the implementation of 4Cs in classrooms which helps in the holistic development of children. Though Edtech solutions should offer easy to use & engaging tools to generate the interest of learners. Very technical & difficult platforms can overwhelm the learners & can take their interest away from the new evolving pedagogy methods. There are a number of online tools, apps, and resources that can help learners to inculcate so many advance skills around the 4Cs. It ensures not only theoretical but also the practical practice of these critical skills to get the maximum outcome. Students are ready to embrace the advanced material and are much prepared for coming academic challenges as they move up their education ladder.