creation of smart classrooms help teachers?

In what ways can the creation of smart classrooms help teachers?

The trend of turning classrooms with fully equipped digital learning solutions is transforming the classroom into the most engaging & experimenting. The quality of education has been emphasized strongly allowing learners to benefit from the advanced learning solution.

A smart classroom is the smartest way of conveying education helping educators, learners, and institutes to experiment with new methods of learning. Teachers are aided with smart tools to deliver education effectively.

What are smart classrooms?

Smart classrooms are mostly equipped with digital learning solutions like Interactive Displays, Digital Board, a Digital Language Lab, a Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System, and many more. There are leading edtech brands in India that are continuously innovating to give classroom learning new meaning.

Digital learning solutions provide maximum accessibility to learners with the help of enriched features. High-quality videos, gamified sessions, quiz-based learning, instant report generation, and numerous other factors allow learners to participate more in learning activities.

Teachers on the other hand can utilize these extraordinary features to deliver quality education easily and strongly shaping the education of today’s time.

How does the creation of smart classrooms help teachers?

Smart learning with smart solutions is helping in the enhancement of excellence in education benefitting learners.

Teachers on the other hand are supported with these solutions to drive easy methods for conducting sessions. The available and wide-ranging options in these edtech tools allow teachers to encourage learners to learn enthusiastically.

Aiding teachers with technology let's explore the benefits smart classrooms are providing teachers:

  • Delivering easy and quality education
  • Maximize participation in classrooms
  • Explore the experimental learning
  • Shaping students for a better tomorrow
  • Providing learning opportunities to students
  • Develop technical skills

How Globus is delivering quality education with the help of its smart classroom solutions:

Globus Smart classroom encompasses a Digital Board solution, visual presenter, webcam, interactive teaching software, and many more. Additionally, K-12 content is also provided that is optional and based on the requirements of users.

With the effective integration of technology in the classroom, 20k + educational institutions have been transformed Globus creates user-friendly, meaningful, and cost-effective solutions, which gained the trust of more than 35,000 satisfied customers in Pan India. Where 15,000+ educational institutes have been transformed, 250000 teachers are empowered, 15000000 students have benefited, 15000+ businesses are digitized and 300+ partners joined our vision.

Above all, Globus is effectively bridging the digital divide in India with the proper integration of digital learning solutions in the classrooms of rural areas. According to the data of the Ministry of Education (UDISE+ report of 2021-22), urban India is home to 2,54,327 schools, while the number of rural schools in India in 2022 is 12,34,788. The number is comparatively high which is required to develop, modify, and upgrade.

With the effort of the government, leading edtech brands, CSR, and NGOs; change is being seen and will consequently lead education to a new place making India a super educational power worldwide.