Modern public spaces greatly influence the daily lives of people, serving as relaxation zones, areas of community interaction or meetings points. In the recent years, seating in public spaces has undergone a remarkable transformation, enhancing both ambience and comfort levels. It has now come a long way, leaving behind the days of rigid wooden chairs and benches. From creating park and lounge seating to city centre and auditorium seating, innovative seating designs are pushing the boundaries of comfort and style, elevating individual experiences. So, businesses can greatly benefit from investing in these modern seating solutions to transform the spaces.

Whether you own a retail establishment, manage a restaurant with outdoor seating or frequently host various events, such as lectures, presentations, and performances, seating should be on the radar of your business. It helps you create inviting, comfortable and engaging environment for your clients, guests, and employees. In this blog, we'll unravel the most trending seating solutions for public spaces- ranging from stylish and comfortable auditorium seating solutions that elevate auditorium experience to sofas that transform the look of offices, cafes, and other spaces.

Seating Solutions For Auditorium Venues

Auditoriums are the public spaces where people gather to work on a project, enjoy a performance or simply learn. While sitting comfortably keeps them focused, engaged, and motivated, they may become distracted or less focused if the seating is not comfortable enough.

Modern auditorium seating solutions are designed to ensure that an individual is seated in style and comfort, ready to enjoy a performance or presentation. For instance, crafted meticulously by experts, the range of auditorium chair solutions by Globus is enriched with a range of features and personalisation options to elevate comfort level of audiences. For instance, from convenience offered by push-back mechanism for a relaxed viewing experience to seat slide mechanism for extra legroom, these features cater diverse preferences. In addition, polypropylene shell seat and back ensure durability, ergonomic support, and ease of maintenance, making them excellent choice for auditorium seating.

Chairs & Benches for Lounge Seating

Public spaces, especially lounge spaces, hospital waiting areas, gardens, public parks, and airport lounges require seating solutions that offer both comfort and durability. It’s important that these support extended periods of sitting in public spaces and withstand regular wear and tear.

Well-designed lounge seating solution from Globus prioritises both. Whether you’re looking for 1-seater lounge chair solutions for users to spend quiet time in public setting, 2-seater benches that facilitate one-on-one interactions in public spaces, or simply a metallic 3- seaters suitable for casual gathering or waiting for public transportation, Globus has the most comfortable and durable options for you. The ergonomically designed back and armrest and wide seat stand out to invite an individual to sit comfortably in a relaxed posture. The clean look also merges so effortlessly with the space, making these lounge seating solutions the perfect choice for myriad environments like hospital and office waiting areas, gardens, public parks, schools, colleges, universities and more.

Sofas For Creating Comfortable & Inviting Spaces

Public spaces can be transformed into warm, welcoming, and athletically pleasing spaces, like our homes, thanks to expertly crafted and elegant seating options. Cafes, restaurants, rec rooms and restaurants – so many public spaces can benefit from decorating with modern well-designed sofas.

Available in different styles, fabrics, and colours, Globus’s range of well-designed sofas effortlessly aligns seating with the overall design and ambience of the public spaces. Whether it’s a single seater, 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, each piece is ergonomically designed using comfortable fabrics to create a cozy, comfortable and inviting environment that encourages people to linger, converse and enjoy their time together while optimizing space. The easy maintenance, classic appeal and comfort make these sofas the most stylish and practical additions to a wide range of public settings.

The world of seating solutions is evolving, presenting you with an array of choices that seamlessly combine style, functionality, and comfort. Whether you aim to enhance auditorium seating experiences, elevate the look and comfort of vast public spaces, or find perfect seating solution for smaller settings, we’re here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be delighted to help you find the perfect seating solution depending on your needs!