Right from information communication to the advertisement, from payments to buying/selling, everything has turned to digital. With rapidly Digitizing India, more and more industries are incorporating digital tools for their day-to-day functions. Keeping this in mind, Globus Infocom offers a wide variety of products for your digital needs. Interactive Display is one of the highest-selling digital information communication and smart classroom products in India

Our IFPD (Interactive Flat Panel) offers an Ultra HD display with vibrant colours and magnificent picture quality. The product is streamlined with the latest technology while also keeping the physical sturdiness in mind. They are available in various sizes suiting to different sizes of classrooms, offices and meeting rooms.

So far, Globus Interactive Panels (or Interactive Displays) have found utility in defence, healthcare, education and various organizations sector across the country. Currently, we offer a wide range of sizes in Interactive Touch Screen Displays from 55 Inches to 98 inches diagonal. Apart from that, our products offer a flexible range of customizable features to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. 

interactive display benefits for school and office

FYI: What is an Interactive Display

Digital Board Solution

As the name suggests, Interactive Display are the touch-enabled interactive displays that make communication of information more interactive and easier. They are similar to your smartphones but are much larger in size. IFPDs are usually available in higher resolutions, giving an edge over the conventional whiteboards; hence they are most useful in the smart classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, and lecture halls.

Gone are those days when you had to worry about indecipherable handwriting on the whiteboard and the markers that ditch you in your most important moments. This Interactive Touch Display not only boosts productivity but also let the users make use of time more efficiently. The interactive touch screen almost imitates your real-time handwriting, giving you a genuine pen and paper feel.

The mini-PC attached to the Interactive Display is customizable as per the user's requirement. It supports Android, Windows operating systems. You don't need to plug an external source to access or convey the information. Although, the IFPD also comes with multiple connectivity ports to plug in an external source to access files. These ports are also customizable as per the users' needs.

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globus interactive flat panel in schools

With the help of IFPD, data can be presented, conveyed, assessed and shared easily by the means of in-built mini PC that it provides you with. Our Interactive Displays or Smart Boards for classrooms are absolutely durable with toughened anti-glare glass screen. It comes with Infrared touch technology which offers the highest image clarity as well as light transmission apart from being at an exceptional level of strength and durability.

The in-built audio system on the front panel of Globus Interactive Display brings the sound to life. The speakers are powerful enough to sound up a medium to small room. Additionally, the users can connect external sound source with the help of given ports. 

Applications of Interactive Display

The Interactive Flat Panel Display find utility in different domains of business including education, healthcare, defence, hospitality, advertisement and many more. As we said earlier, the IFPDs are not only restrained to display of information, but it can be used for data representation, conference, meetings, and classroom training as well. There are different types of products like Digital Board, Video Conferencing Solution and Virtual Classrooms that use Interactive Display for communication, presentations, and training. Under this segment, we will talk about the utility of an IFPD based on the different domains of corporate, education and healthcare sector.

globus interactive flat panel in colleges

Interactive Display for Education Sector

Interactive Panels are no less than a boon for the education sector. With the increasing dependence of students on smart classroom solutions for their learning experiences, it was the need of the hour to incorporate the modern-day teaching methods apart from the conventional ones. With our Interactive Displays, the classroom experience can be made more wholesome and conducive for the students.

Students can get hands-on experience of digital technology which they ultimately have to tackle at their workplace as they grow up. The Globus IFPD and smart classroom solution helps students to get accustomed with the technology. Above all, with the help of digital education technology, students can learn at their own pace, interact with each other and fetch maximum results with the help of gamification of lessons.

It also helps the teacher to save time and energy in shuffling between subjects and topics. World Wide Web is available at your fingertips on Interactive Display to seek help from the internet for teaching. The lecturers can also use other features like annotations, digital whiteboard, and multimedia to enhance the traditional teaching methods. The plug and play features of this interactive display are easy-to-use for both teachers and students.

What could be a better way to draw students' attention towards the curriculum than incorporating the digital media in education? So far, digitization of education has fetched positive results with more student engagement and improved retention capacity.


Interactive Display for Corporate

Corporate meetings can be more interactive and yielding with the help of Globus Interactive Display. IFPD presents you stunning visuals, crisp audio quality, and an interactive screen to present content and information to the users. Ideas and planning sessions are more hassle-free and less time taking when using a flat panel display.

The best part is, Interactive Touch Panel is multi-touch enabled that can led multiple people working using the screen at the same time. You can play videos from the internet or the pre-loaded ones on the screen in a jiffy. No need to connect transfer files or use a laptop to view them. Just plug your device on IFPD and play it on the screen easily.

Depending upon the size of the conference or meeting room, Interactive Display is available in different sizes including 55, 65, 75, 80, 86 and 98 inches screen. By installing a flat panel display, information and ideas can be shared and processed easily.

When equipped with Globus Video Conferencing Camera, IFPDs can double up as a powerful video conferencing solution. This setup helps you conduct meeting and conferences with far-placed people. Thus, it reduces the demographical barriers between people and also cuts down the expenses that are made on travel and accommodation.

Globus Interactive Display is also used in Globus Virtual Classroom Solution which is another contemporary method to conduct online classes for students situated in different locations of the world. The solution is being successfully used at many public sector offices, government-run colleges.

Interactive Display for Healthcare

Interactive Display can also be used in the healthcare sector for information display as well as training. They are used in hospitals for displaying OPD schedules of various doctors. It can also be used in the training process of the medical students as it helps in the better presentation of complex subjects like human anatomy, surgery, diagnostics, and others. IFPDs can also be used to explain and display the surgical procedures to patients and medical students. So far, these digital displays and interactive screens have helped a great deal to simplify the undertakings of the healthcare sector.